Journey to Better Marketing: Public Speaking

Public speaking is the number one fear of most people; it’s even feared more than death. If you, as a small business owner, are afraid to speak in public, you’re missing out on a prime opportunity to soft-sell your products and services.

As a public speaker, you will be the center of attention. You will get to speak to people directly. You establish credibility and expertise. Speaking to a group falls squarely in the marketing box. Be sure that you aren’t making a sales pitch. Instead offer up something of value.

Some possible subjects you might cover include:

  • Top Mistakes people make when
  • Insider secrets
  • Points to consider
  • The 3 B’s of…
  • A system you’ve developed around an acronym (like SMART goals)

You could find yourself speaking at several different events, including seminars, demos, and panel discussions. If you give the audience something they value, they’ll be grateful. That’s the start of a valuable relationship.

Adapted from “Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days (affiliate link).”