New Zealand Visit Bohemein Fresh Chocolates for Amazing (Chocolate) Fish

Checkers Penguin posted a picture of himself with a chocolate fish on Instagram, and I thought, “Eh, chocolate and marshmallow? I don’t know.” Then I saw these chocolate fish on different YouTube videos about New Zealand snacks, and I was still unimpressed. Marshmallow just isn’t my thing. They’re all right; they’re good for s’mores. I just, generally, won’t choose to eat them as a part of another dessert. Then, we went to Bohemein Fresh Chocolates.

Go ahead. Take a bite.

The Bohemein Fish was amazing. It was like biting into a bit of heaven. The chocolate was rich, dark, and snappy. The marshmallow was light and fluffy. This chocolate fish was nothing like I imagined. It was a taste experience that satisfied my texture and olfactory senses as well. These may not be the same type of chocolate fish featured in the other places, but these were definitely gourmet.

Why is it always head first?
Reaction Shot!

Apparently, the children in New Zealand get a chocolate fish when they do something well. At least, that’s the story we heard.

Bohemein Fresh Chocolates was one of the stops on our Aucky Walky tour. As part of the tour we got to taste two different chocolates the company makes fresh. We even met the owner. There is a shop in Wellington, too. The Cherry Kirsch was delightful, and the pineapple black pepper was a mix of flavors that worked well together.