Salem Holiday Market 2019 Preview The Short Straw (JD-2)

The Salem Holiday Market 2019 is so large it fills two buildings and features over 250 vendors! We thought we would highlight some of the great items available. Shannon Biamonte of The Short Straw took some time away from her market preparations to answer some of our questions:

How many years have you been attending the Salem Holiday Market? This is my 2nd year.

What are you bringing to 2019’s Market? I will be bringing my full inventory of reusable glass drinking straws. I have regular straws in a shorty length for short coffees or kids’ cups. I have traditional length straws that work for most everyone. Then, I have long straws that are good for the extra-large cups, Venti, Yet, Hydroflask sized. I also will have my smoothie straws and bubble tea straws that are good for the thicker drinks. We will have our designer straws with various custom artistic designs added to make them one of a kind. I’ll be bringing artistic glass stir sticks to stir coffees, teas, cocoas and cocktails. I’ll also have the straw cases to carry straws in. And this year, we will have a variety of mugs and thermal cups with customizable stickers to add to them or hand painted on the spot.

What’s new at your booth? We will have all the same things we had last year but with just a different variety for the straw cases. This year for the cups (that were available last year) an option other than the sticker like last year, which is still an option, is my daughter is a wonderful artist and is hand drawing customization on them.

What’s your favorite thing about Salem Holiday Market? I love the holiday spirit. I love this season, and it’s such a fun environment to be in and around. The people are all so sweet, and I really enjoy meeting everyone.

What’s the best advice you have for people coming to the Salem Holiday Market? Just have fun! Immerse yourself in the activity and just enjoy. Everything at the market is made by hand by talented and hardworking people, and we are all excited to show you what we’ve got! We always love when people stop by and look and touch and ask questions. Glass straws are fairly uncommon, especially handmade local ones. So, stop and see what we have! Do that with each booth! I swear I wander the venue each day I’m there, and I see new things every time.

What is your website address? TheShortStrawOnline, eco-friendly, Handmade, Colorful, Reusable Glass Straws

Be sure to check out the Short Straw and find out what kind of designs you can get on your mug or thermal cup! Salem Holiday Market goes from Dec. 13 to Dec. 15 with the first evening being a fundraiser for the Chemeketa Student Relief Fund. You can find discounts on entry with coupons from vendors. will be at booth (J13) where our Patreon members can get special discounts.