New Zealand’s The Remarkable Chocolate Company Lives up to Its Name

No matter where you’ve first tried chocolate bark, you’re not prepared for the delicate, paper thin taste sensation that New Zealand’s The Remarkable Chocolate Company has cooked up with its chocolate bark flavors. The first thing to note is that the chocolate is really break away thin, and it makes all the difference in taste. You don’t have to worry about the velvety smooth, dark chocolate overpowering the other flavors in the bark. You just have to enjoy it as it melts in your mouth.

We tried two flavors. The marshmallow, toasted coconut and raspberries bark is amazing, especially when you get a bite with the coconut.  However, my personal favorite is the ginger and salted caramel bark. It’s sweet, bitter, salty, and full of flavor all at the same time. Every piece of chocolate was a delight and joy, and each taste was a surprise.

New Zealand’s The Remarkable Chocolate Company uses single sourced, organic cocoa beans from Peru. They do not use palm oil. Even though they are in the business of making chocolate, the company founders are also in the business of mankind. They use fair trade practices for their purchases and work to minimize their environmental impact. They hand pour every bar, so it’s unique. The chocolate bark is amazing.

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