New Zealand Chocolate: Go Big, Go Whittaker’s

To look at the size of a Whittaker’s 250-gram chocolate block is to be overwhelmed and awed. These New Zealand chocolate bars just look too big for consumption. While they do offer smaller bars and squares, you should really treat yourself starting with the 72 percent Ghana Peppermint block.

If you’ve ever had a York Peppermint Patty, you have a vague idea of what this bar is like. While that’s the closest American connection I can make, it doesn’t tell the whole story. The Ghanaian chocolate is crisp, sharp, and dark. The mint is creamy, smooth, and bright. Where the Peppermint Patty was often similar in texture, Whittaker’s offers a delight in both taste and feel.

If the block is too big for you, the smaller specialty bars may be the right size. The balance of the Fijian Ginger & Kerikeri Mandarin with 62 percent chocolate is a wonder to behold. No flavor dominates the other, and they all have something special to contribute to the taste experience. The Wellington Roasted Supreme Coffee artisan bar is another masterful blend of flavors that you can sit back and enjoy.

If you want something more unique, try the New Zealand soda-inspired L&P or the Tweats mini-slabs. These white chocolate bars feature pop rocks in a twist to your normal chocolate experience. For a more traditional chocolate bar, try a peanut slab or go just a little Kiwi with Whittaker’s take on Hokey Pokey.

Whittaker’s Chocolate was founded in 1896. If you want to experience Kiwi chocolate, they’re the company to start with. Of course, you don’t want to miss out on other New Zealand chocolate companies. Check out Dunedin’s OCHO, and the specialty shop in Auckland and Wellington, Bohemein.


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