Use Dean Graziosi’s ‘Millionaire Success Habits’ to Make Success Habitual

Yes, I broke down and ordered Dean Graziosi’s “Millionaire Success Habits.” If you’re not familiar with Graziosi, he has made his money in real estate, motivational speaking, and is working on what he and Tony Robbins call “The Knowledge Industry Business,” and he wants to share everything he’s learned with you.

Graziosi offers several resources for you from a $100,000 Mastermind to other Masterminds that cost way less than that to books and videos that you can access for even less. Graziosi is enthusiastic about telling you how to make your life more successful. What makes him different from almost every other motivational or financial speaker you’ve heard is that he maintains that there are no shortcuts to getting rich. There’s no quick way to the promise land. Instead, there’s a lot of hard work that you need to fill with determination, laser focus, and the ability to say “No” to those things that steal your time.

I have dabbled with these kinds of motivational speakers before, and they’ve gone the way Graziosi has said. I come out fired up and motivated, and two days later, I’m back in the same rut I was before the motivational event, book, or video. Will that happen with Graziosi’s “Millionaire Success Habits?” I can’t say for certain. What I can say is that Graziosi writes about how to live life to its fullest, and money is only a part of it. The deeper, better life comes with human connections and relationships, not just with family and friends, but also with those I your community and the less fortunate. This is one book I plan on reading a second time, and maybe a third, just so I can better process the information.

Get Your Copy of Graziosi’s ‘Millionaire Success Habits’

If you use this link to order from Amazon, I get a pittance from the sale. However, if you use Dean Graziosi’s “Millionaire Success Habits” link, the book is free; you just pay shipping and handling. I don’t get anything, but you may get the best deal of your life… as long as you put in the work.


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