‘Millionaire Success Habits’ Starts with the Habits to Help You Succeed

Yes, I broke down and ordered Dean Graziosi’s “Millionaire Success Habits.” If you’re not familiar with Graziosi, he has made his money in real estate, motivational speaking, and is working on what he and Tony Robbins call “The Knowledge Industry Business,” and he wants to share everything he’s learned with you.

Right off the bat, Dean Graziosi’s “Millionaire Success Habits” offers up a microcosm of what’s in the rest of the book. The secrets to success are secret at all. Instead, they are habits that you need to adopt to help you overcome the actions that are holding you back. The first habit that you need to implement is to do your best in everything you do. Even if you have a job you don’t like or a relationship that you’re dissatisfied with, you’re responsible for doing your best to make the most of the situation. If you half ass your way through something, your habits will get sloppy, and you’re chances for achieving what you want in your life go down. Doing your best in a bad situation that you don’t like will help you move forward as you create that habit in the other areas of your life.

Be Enthusiastic

Being enthusiastic is hard, especially if your doing something you don’t like. However, your enthusiasm will make your work more enjoyable and project a positive image. This will help you in other areas of your life, especially when you meet people while doing your job. They’ll see your enthusiasm and look to cultivate your friendship.
Whenever you’re trying something new, you’re going to get rejected. You have to overcome those rejections to move forward. Sometimes, it will be your idea that’s rejected. Family members and friends may just be trying to protect you from getting hurt or becoming financially uncomfortable. You need to have the self-confidence and belief to take the risks that will allow you to succeed.

The Best Advice

Perhaps Graziosi’s two best pieces are to listen to communicate and to always do something good for someone else. Too often, when someone is talking, we’re not listening to what they are saying. We are, instead, formulating what we are going to say. Worse, for salespeople, is not finding out what the person needs and selling based on features instead of benefits. By listening to the person, you can find what they need and meet those needs. Present those benefits, and you’re going to get the sale. However, if you don’t have anything to meet the needs of the person, don’t try to sell them something they don’t want. They’ll end up dissatisfied, and word of mouth will get out about their unhappiness.

When you make a habit of doing good things for others, it comes back to help you in the future. However, you shouldn’t be doing good things for the possible returns; you should be doing them because they are the right things to do. Helping people is always the right choice.

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