Stay the F— Home: Activity #4 Read

If you’re like me, you have a stack of books you haven’t read yet. Congratulations! You now have time enough at last (Thanks, Rod Serling! affiliate link) to tackle all of those reads that have been waiting for you for all these years! If you don’t have a stack of books, that’s okay. You can go to Kindle Unlimited (affiliate link) and discover so many new books for free! It’s like having a digital library. (I don’t even think you need a kindle device, just the kindle reader downloaded to your device!)

There are so many great books out there, and great writers that need your support. Even if you want to stick to the classics, that’s amazing. They really are better when you don’t have to read them for school. I recommend Winnie the Pooh, the Anne of Green Gables series, Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, and A Christmas Carol (affiliate links). If you need more recommendations, you can check out my website and look under the blog category “books.” Otherwise, choose an independent author and read something new. You’ll be helping them, the economy, and you might find your next new favorite writer.

I Don’t Read

You don’t read, or you don’t like to read?!? That’s okay. I feel only a little sad for you because that means that you’ve had all the joy ripped from reading by untold evil influences in your life. But I am also super-excited for you! Reading is just a way for you to get stories, information, and joy out of life without having the storyteller have to be there in the room with you.

You see you have the chance to find the genre that you love and to indulge in so many more stories than what you can get on TV or at the movies, especially since Hollywood has stopped so many productions due to the virus. Now, you can travel back in time, to the future, or just around the corner without ever having to leave your home. If you dedicate the next 14 to 30 days of your life to finding the type of book or subject matter that most appeals to you, you’re going to find that you actually love reading.

Reading Rainbow

I suggest starting with going for a little video help from LeVar Burton’s Reading Rainbow (affiliate link). His show is all about teaching the love of reading. Then feel free to look for children’s stories that will be easy to read. Children’s literature is actually a great place to start because it’s mostly caring and used to improve children’s moods and reading level. It will also give you the basic facts in any subject without the political rigmarole and gray areas that adult books use to confuse people. Children’s Lit is a great way to get introduced to the jargon of a particular subject area as well. I always start out with children’s books when I’m researching a new subject. Then if I like it, I move on to something more difficult.

Reading isn’t supposed to be easy all the time. Sometimes, it should be challenging, but it should never be boring. No matter where you are in your reading level and process, choose the stuff you like to read and branch out when you’re comfortable.