The America I Love Doesn’t Discard You Because You Aren’t Economically Viable

So, he said my grandma (over 90) and my mom (a grandmother and retiring at the age of 67 in June) would be willing to sacrifice themselves, so that we, their children, grandchildren (and great grandchildren), can have the America that all America loves. My grandma and mother didn’t work all their lives so they could be thrown out by the politicians. They worked hard with an expectation that they would be able to retire and enjoy their golden years.

The America that we all love isn’t one made up of work and only work. Far from it, it’s made up of the freedom to enjoy the fruits of our labor. For many, those fruits may never ripen. For many more, those fruits are plucked when they are able to LEAVE their jobs and sit in their own homes, when they are able to do what they want for the entire day, when they can exist without a boss or the responsibility that comes with being a manager or an employee in charge of handling money.

The American dream is built on the foundation that hard work will lead to leisure time. And this a-hole wants to sacrifice my mom, my grandma, and the time that they earned through their hard work throughout the years to the economy. I’ve already had two grandparents die. There’s no reason on God’s green Earth that I should have to suffer the loss of my mother and grandmother, before their designated times, because the richest GD nation in the world couldn’t be bothered to shut down for a couple months to protect the lives of its most vulnerable people.

Great Britain has shut down. South Africa has shut down. New Zealand has shut down. The U.S. continues to dither, and its citizens continue to put each other at risk through exposure and following the lead of the president, under whose leadership people get conflicting information.

We each have to do our part and stay inside, and the U.S. government needs to do more. This first round of coronavirus could all be finished with in about eight weeks if everyone would stay home. There will be others, but when the next wave comes, healthcare providers will be able to deal with it better.

However, requiring the literal sacrifice of my mother, grandmother, and my immune-compromised friends is unacceptable and disturbing. We’re not making an omelet, and people aren’t eggs. People are more important than profits. Keep your GD greedy ass ideas in your filthy mouth, you POS.

The America that I love cared for its citizens. The America that I loved protected its vulnerable. The America that I loved understood the value of person is more than just his or her work output or portfolio. If that’s not the America you love then Good For You. Start out whatever plan you have for maintaining the America all love with yourself. And yes, it doesn’t make you noble or brave or ANYTHING like that; it makes you a complete a-hole.