Stay the F— Home: Activity #3 Video Games

Video games are a great time killer, and they improve hand-eye coordination. You’ll feel like your accomplishing something, be part of a story that is greater than you, and be able to score points. Even if all you do is point and click your way to a better-looking farm or across a raging battlefield, you’ll get to do it with no guilt, excuses, or rationalization. If you go retro, you can even visit Disneyland with the NES game! Stick to old school video games and see if you can get a perfect score on Pac-Man or challenge your friends to an online game of high scores.

Of course, some gamers will be able to make money this way. If you’re one of them, EXCELLENT! Get that extra cash while you can! If not, maybe you can look into it. I recommend Hero Wars for its fantasy and character-building options, even if it is a point and click. Otherwise, you could try trivia games and word games to improve your knowledge and vocabulary.

Pull out the old Atari console (affiliate link), as long as there’s no one else nearby, and enjoy the sounds of old, home Pac-Man, fly over alligators with Pitfall, and jump over barrels with Donkey King. Now’s the time to let your inner high-schooler, the socially awkward recluse who loved sitting in front of the TV and avoided social gatherings, to rule your actions. Video Games it is. Maybe you’ll even be able to beat E.T.

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