Shared Experiences: Paul Draper Brings Magic Online

One of the hardest things that anyone has to deal with while staying at home during this pandemic is being alone. Even those who have family and roommates find themselves at wit’s end because the interactions are repetitive, mundane, and sometimes, frustrating. We all need a way to connect with someone outside of our regular sphere of influence. Many people miss the work or school arena for that. So, how can people maintain friendships and relationships while creating a more peaceful home life and providing for a bonding moment with those outside the home? Shared experiences bring people closer together.

Shared Experiences

People typically bond over shared experiences. Game night, a place at the pub, a hike through the woods, even working at the same company can all provide shared experiences that people can bond over. This bonding improves the feeling of familiarity and gives people something to talk about. It’s also better when the experience is unpredictable or unusual. While it may seem hard to conjure up shared experiences during this time of social distancing, it’s not impossible.

Magic at Home

There are plenty of apps that allow you to connect with others over the Internet. As long as everyone has copies of the same games, it’s relatively easy to modify them to work across the screen. Musicians give live concerts. LeVar Burton reads on Twitter. However, for a real shared experience, you need to have an interaction with what’s on the screen.

One person doing his best to bring people together during this time of staying at home is Magician Paul Draper. He has set up a way for people in different households can interact with him during his magic show online. He tailors his shows for children, adults, and mixed groups. He can do shows for virtual cocktail parties, birthdays, and any other event you can think of.

Paul Draper’s show as a shared experience has everything that you need to bring people together. It’s a magical experience that will give you, your family, and friends something to talk about other than current events. Not only will you marvel at the tricks he performs, you’ll also come away uplifted, amazed, and in a better mood knowing that there is still magic in this world. What shared experiences are you scheduling for your friends and family? Let us know in the comments.