Darren Lamb: Crisp, Fast-paced Action and Philosophy Create Amazing Reads with Depth

(Editor’s note: This article contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase from Amazon through these links, we receive an advertising fee. It doesn’t cost you anymore, and it doesn’t take anything away from the author.) Darren Lamb’s writing is particularly notable for its crisp, fast moving action sequences and their ability to deliver more than the average work of fiction. Darren’s zest for life and his philosophy of loving kindness heavily informs his writing. The fictional books mentioned below are written for adults, so expect some gore and adult situations.

Fiction Works

 “Rebirth: A Zombie Tale” deals with the relationship between the reincarnation doctrine of Buddhism, the faith it generates, and the search for the next incarnation of a teacher. This takes place during a zombie apocalypse. If you want to think while reading a book with zombies in it. This is the one to choose.

The Book of Benjamin” explores what happens when the human race discovers that its divinity is literally inside each person. This book provided an amazing read with an original concept.

Perhaps the most adult of his books, “The Sea of Sin” series follows a group of friends through ever more shocking events. Each book contains Darren’s signature action scenes and his philosophical leanings. The third one ramps up every aspect of the trilogy and provides a disturbing look at the dark side of humanity while ending with a positive note.

Nonfiction Work

Darren Lamb’s books include a survival guide for those walking a spiritual path alone. You don’t have to be looking toward the Buddha to be inspired by “Ronin Buddhism.” If you want something uplifting, this non-fiction book will help you do better.

Darren Lamb is working security for a healthcare facility that is providing drive-through coronavirus testing. He is a former marine with an active interest in the martial arts, who has attended several Salt Lake FanX Conventions. He also self-styles as the worst Buddhist, but I don’t think he’s trademarked the moniker. Darren’s website, theworstbuddhist.com, is currently under construction.


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