People Can Fly and the Conspiracy Keeping Them Grounded

The greatest conspiracy of all-time has kept human beings from reaching their full potential for centuries. In an effort to keep people in their place, human beings have been convinced that they cannot fly. This preposterous conspiracy has been with us for so long that it’s almost fully accepted as Truth: People cannot fly.

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.

Alice Walker

Long before Christ and the Church He spawned, people could fly. It’s depicted in legends of the gods, who were actually mortals, which makes their philandering and pettiness more understandable. The story of Icarus is about flight, but the sun didn’t melt the feathers, the weight of the feathers was too much for a human being to carry.

The secret to flight is that people can only do it while naked. That’s why witches are always found naked in the woods. They’ve been flying because they still believe they can. It’s also why classic statues are naked; they show human beings in their freest state. In order to fly, you have to be vulnerable, and humans are at their most vulnerable when they are nude.

Once the Church was established, it realized that human flight had to be stopped. The action gave people to much freedom and happiness. Because it was an innate skill that brought joy, it went against the fundamental teachings of the Church. Joy came from the love of the Savior and God. It came from hard work and toil but was only to be found in the afterlife. Human beings needed to be crushed while on Earth to be remade in the likeness of the Divine. The joy that came from free flight was an abomination. Only angels could fly.

The Church started with teachings, but that wasn’t enough. People wouldn’t give up flying. It taught that nakedness was evil because of its relationship to the Garden of Eden and Original Sin. That didn’t keep people out of the skies. The Church clothed its priests and clergy members in the finest clothing to emphasize the fact that clothing makes the man. No matter what they did, they couldn’t get people to stop flying.

Things started to change during the Renaissance. While it was a great time of enlightenment and discovery, it also had its backlash. The pendulum swung both ways, and people began to fear flying. Leonardo DaVinci tried to help with his parachute and flying machine that were supposed to make flight safer and easier. Unfortunately, people couldn’t wear anything if they wanted to fly. They had to be completely unfettered in material and in thought.

While people had started falling out of the sky, many still resisted the Church’s teachings. They had to enlist secular society to bring together a full change of people’s opinions. They talked to civic leaders, kings and queens, who began emphasizing fashion trends that were heavy and covered everything but the face. Giant powdered wigs, heavy dresses, and ornamentation that weighed down the human in body and soul.

Finally, the Church turned to Sir Isaac Newton. The mathematician created the apocryphal story of the apple and his theory of gravity. The story was so good, and the math checked out, so people started taking it seriously. In spite of their own personal experiences, many decided that people couldn’t fly, and they stopped flying.

According to math, the Bumble Bee cannot fly. No one has been able to communicate that to the Bumble Bee, though, so they continue to go from flower to flower experiencing their own power and reveling in the joy of flight and the sweetness of nectar.

Some people have kept their ability to fly. It’s why there are stories witches and why Benjamin Franklin liked to be nude. However, the ability to fly rests latent in every human being. You can see it in the history of machine-aided flying, the dreams of children who look up to the sky and wonder why they can’t fly like the birds, and in the ideas of Peter Pan, a child who never grew up, and Superman, an alien who looks just like a person. These modern manifestations provide a look into our deeper power.

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

Napoleon Hill

People can still fly. Ignore the doubters and the naysayers. Look into your heart and find your power. All it takes is faith and trust, and you can fly.

(Editor’s Note: This story is fiction and figurative. There is no conspiracy. If you’ve ever tried to get three people to agree on a movie, you can understand how difficult it would be to unite diametrically opposed factions of individuals to agree to tell the same lie. Do not try to fly naked. You’ll hurt yourself, and it’s illegal in many places. The Bumble Bee can fly, and math didn’t prove it otherwise.)