Open America Now, Emotionally not Economically

In 1918, the Spanish Flu killed 50 million people worldwide. Its second wave, probably spread by the movement of troops during the end of World War I was deadlier than its first incarnation. We’re facing the same type of problem if the Open American Now people have their way.

Open America Now started with a few rich, moronic, over-privileged, misanthropic, profits-before-people talking heads who are broadcasting from a position of safety and insured healthcare. It is a misguided attempt to keep stocks elevated and worse, it’s a good way to kill the economy, the very thing they are trying to protect, and Americans.

As of April 11, 2020, more than 1.67 million people worldwide had tested positive for the virus and over 100,000 people had died dur to complications of COVID-19. That’s a mortality rate of just under six percent. In the U.S. the death toll went over 2,000 for the day, which surpassed America’s usual killers, heart disease and cancer. A total of 500,000 Americans tested positive for the virus, and 18,000 have died so far. That’s a 3.6 percent mortality rate.

There are some who would argue with those numbers on both sides. People who weren’t tested for coronavirus and died aren’t counted, so the number is under-inflated. The argument from the Open America Now business talking heads say people who had the virus but died due to underlying conditions are counted in that number, so the number is over inflated. Either way, that number is horrific.

Economically Devastating in the Long Run

Opening America now, economically, will be devastating for the entire country withing the next eight to 10 weeks. People will get infected with coronavirus; people will die. The more people that die, the fewer workers there will be to keep America open, and the fewer people there’ll be to jump start the economy with their spending.

Hospitals and health care facilities that are already strained to the max will become overwhelmed and mortality rates for conditions not related to coronavirus will rise. In the short term, the economy may move forward. In the long term, it will die a not so slow death.

Keeping people at home will keep the curve flattened and keep the healthcare system from totally collapsing. People will receive better treatment and be more likely to survive all medical conditions. If we can wait it out, the economy can get restarted and not have to pull back when the second wave hits. Business people are resilient. They’ll figure it out when the time is right. The time isn’t right, yet. We’ve come this far; now is not the time to listen to those who are more concerned about their pocketbooks than you.

A New Open America Now Movement

There is another way to open America now: Emotionally. You can open your hearts to your friends and neighbors and provide support to your community. If everyone realizes that there are psychological and emotional tolls that everyone else is paying, we can choose to be kinder to one another. Rather than shouting at each other and passing along conspiracy theories and proposals that aren’t supported by the science of viruses and pandemics, we can gather each other together using our technology to bring a light to each other’s lives.

People make bad choices when they’re scared, or mad, or stressed. It’s impossible to look at things in the correct light when you’re afraid for your health, your loved ones, or your business. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it – reach out and ask for help. If you’re in a position to, offer help to others. Right now, your social and emotional connections to others will be your greatest strength. Draw on it and rely on each other. Don’t go for physical visits, just make a phone call, or hang out on Skype, or chat on Facebook. This is how we build our relationships and get a different perspective on life.

There may come a time when businesses insist on going back to work. You’ll need to be at your strongest to resist the siren’s call of money, identity, and duty. If the experts are saying it’s a bad idea, tell your company you can’t make it in. Then tell your friends and let people know that it’s okay to stop working because you value your health over the profits of a business that’s making its CEO and shareholders rich. Everyone has to adapt, and if big business won’t do it, then the employees have to make their presence and power known.

Not Over when It’s Over

When the all-clear has been given, we must continue to be vigilant and keep those habits that got us back to healthy. More importantly, we must take care of each other more than ever before because it’s clear those in power and those who support the power are only interested in us as cogs in the machine, not as people who live, love, and die.