How to Get a Handmade Roly-Poly Penguin

My wife has knitted four different roly-poly penguins, and we’re giving them to the first four people that sign up to our Patreon at the $25 level or higher! This offer will only last through April 29th, so if you want one of these, you need to sign up today!

At our Patreon, we offer our Penguinators a first look at anything I write. For example, when I was writing the short stories for Tales at an Alaskan Cabin, Penguinators got to read them first. (They still can.) The Penguin of the Month is a photo that we release exclusively on our Patreon. It’s usually a stuffed penguin in an interesting place, but it could be a live penguin as well. We want to create a place to help you grow creatively while having fun. It’s something I like to call penguinating – or positive creativity. Penguinators also got to download our penguin paper doll first and free.

By contributing to our Patreon, you’ll be helping us make more penguins, write more stories and books, and draw more. Best of all, you’ll become part of a group that supports positive creativity.

These roly-poly penguins are great for squeezing. They have yarn loops attached to them, so you can hang them from many different places, like an ornament, but cute, fuzzy, and nice to touch.