Stuffed Animals Protected Me when I Slept

The world is a scary place, even now that I’m an adult. As a child, I had my mom to insulate me from the vagaries of bureaucratic nonsense and teachers who hated children. I had Saturday morning cartoons and professional wrestling to insulate me from the horrors of the news cycle. Better, there was no Internet, so I didn’t have to be bombarded with all of man’s inhumanity to men every second of the day. I had teachers who explored the beauty of literature, which protected me from succumbing to the numerous scams and conspiracy theories that are evermore present. Still, there was one time when the world was at its scariest. Night would fall, and I would be in my bed in the dark. Even there, I had my protectors: an elite fighting force of stuffed animals watched over and protected me while I slept.

Defender with Pride

The first among the stuffed animals was Chrissi the Lion. She was brave and had lost an eye in a previous conflict. Chrissi would never talk about how she lost it though I knew it was during a particularly hard time in my life when sleep was difficult to come by. She fought like a lion and was as gentle as a kitten.

Chrissi organized the other animals and the defense protocols. A wooden wall decoration named Michael would call out the danger first. The stuffed animals that lined my shelves would leap into action and alert the other animals that an intruder was encroaching on our territory. The animals in the toy chest would push it open and allow the action figures and army men out to provide a second defense. The floor would be lined with Lincoln Log cannons and Legos (affiliate links).

The Last Line of Defense

If the horror made it through these defenses, Chrissi would usher me under the covers and put my pillow over my head. The team of seven or so animals in the bed would stand their ground. They would carry the fight to the foot of the bed and ensure the unseen thing in the dark couldn’t get at me. When I went to bed at night, I knew I didn’t have to be afraid of the dark because my stuffed animals were there to protect me. They gave me the ability to feel secure, even when the world wasn’t.

Stuffed Animals in Adult Life

Now, our stuffed animals are on shelves and in the living room. The penguins that my wife makes, who are waiting for adoption, learn the finer points of bringing good feelings to their new home from our own Patch and Penny. They remind us of simpler times and take us back to when the world could be made better by stuffed animals.

In fact, we still believe that plushies can improve the world. Stuffed animals are the perfect friends for when times are rough. They can take you back to childhood and help instill childlike qualities that lead to greater creativity. Our penguins are photogenic and fun to be around. Best of all, they are always ready for a hug. Adopt a stuffed penguin today and make the world less scary with stories, photos, and fun.