Cookie Saturday: Bake with Your (Virtual) Friends and Family

Sometime earlier this year, our friend Checkers Penguin and his mom decided to make Cookie Saturday a thing. They baked cookies every Saturday and shared them on Instagram. Even if we couldn’t actually taste them, we could share in the fun and imagine what they tasted like. My wife decided to get in the game and has made Cookie Saturday a thing for us as well. All you need to participate in Cookie Saturday is to know the hashtag (#CookieSaturday) and to make some cookies. Take a photo with your favorite baking companion, and enjoy the cookies.

My Wife’s Cookies

My wife has a recipe for cookies that she got off the Internet. She makes changes to it depending on how she feels. Sometimes, she’ll add cinnamon. Most of the time, we have chocolate chunks in our cookies. She’ll by random bars of pseudo-gourmet chocolate and break them into pieces. One week, it could be chocolate-orange; the next, we might have white chocolate-strawberry. It’s all a matter of what’s on sale and what looks good when we go to the store. Once the first batch of cookies is done, she sets brings half a cookie to me to try. (I’m usually writing.) Then, she sets up the photo place, our cat tries to get in the pictures, and at some point, all the cookies are done. That’s when we get to sit on the balcony with a warm cookie and coffee.

Get Your Cookie Companion

Our penguins love cookies. They like the process and sharing time with the family while they make some sweet goodies. Cookie Saturday is about being able to enjoy a small pleasure for all the senses. The cookies smell wonderful hot from the oven. They taste great and feel warm in the belly, and they give people a reason to spend happy moments together when we can forget what’s going on in the rest of the world for a little bit. If you’d like to adopt a penguin and join us on Instagram, you can do so here or at Etsy. We look forward to seeing your cookie creations! Share your favorite recipe with us below!