Kinder Egg Toys and Their Joys: Collectors’ Corner

Kinder Eggs have been around since 1974, but because of an archaic law Congress passed in 1938 regarding inedible substances inside edible substances, Americans have largely missed out on Kinder Egg Toys and their joys. I didn’t learn about Kinder Eggs until a trip to Vienna in 1991, where I instantly fell in love with and acquired dozens of them. Once I knew what I was looking for, there were places in the U.S. they could be found, but these places were selling them illegally and intermittently. Now, with Kinder Joy, American children can experience the joy of the toys. However, the chocolate part and the experience of cracking the egg open are missing.

It’s the Antici…

The most appealing thing about Kinder Eggs is the thrill of the surprise. In fact, the name of these confection/toys is “Surprise.” Sometimes, it’s in English; often, it’s in the country’s language, where it’s being sold. You never know what you’re going to find in the yolk of the egg. It could be a figurine or something cool to build. Nowadays, they have packs that contain surprises that all come from one collection – Happy Hippos? Not my favorite because there’s nothing to build. ON the other hand, I love Disney figures.

It’s the Ingenuity

Putting some of these toys together is an amazing lesson in puzzle building and engineering. The designers, who have figured out how to put together zip-pull cars, large puzzles, and other incredible toys in the tiny yolks, have shown amazing creativity. Their designs add to the …pation.

It’s the Chocolate?

My daughter loves the Kinder chocolate more than she loves the toy. I think that’s weird, but I can’t discount it as a selling point. For kids who grew up in places where Kinder Eggs have been allowed, the chocolate appears to be a large part of the draw. It’s a milk chocolate with a milk lined interior, which is supposed to be healthy-ish. If I’m going to choose to eat chocolate for the chocolate, I’m going to choose something darker. But, I will be happy to get Kinder Egg toys and their joys just for the fun of it.

Kinder Egg Toys and Their Joys

Depending on how you build your collection, Kinder Eggs can improve your creativity. Each of the toys comes with an explanation of how to build it, what else is in the collection, and often, a story of sorts. Kinder Eggs have the built-in advantages of providing non-sequitur intersections and inspiration. You might get a car one day, a ballerina the next, and a monkey with a frisbee later. One of these could spark an idea, especially if you bring them together to make your own story. Finally, Kinder Eggs allow you to be childlike, and that quality is priceless for creativity. Check out these videos where I open all kinds of chocolate eggs and look at the surprises inside

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