Explore the Boundaries: Tip Tuesday

Have you ever noticed where toddlers go on the playground when the adults aren’t engaged? They could go to the slide, or they could go to the swing. Some might go to the merry-go-round, but many times, they will go to the boundary and see what’s there. They will look at the way the grass interacts with the cement border. They’ll check the way the bark dust sits against the same border and what happens when it gets in the grass. They might even lift up the grass tufts to see what bugs they can find. When children explore the boundaries between places, they are learning about how the physical world behaves. You can put this same principle to work for you in your creative endeavors.

Explore Literal Boundaries

When was the last time you looked closely at the boundaries around you? Go to where the sidewalk meets the grass and explore that area. Feel the difference between the two. See what’s hiding at the border. Look at how the dirt supports the grass versus what it does when it gets to the concrete. There are a lot of physical boundaries you can explore. Find one and focus your attention on it. The write down or record what you learn.

Explore Figurative Boundaries

There are many more figurative boundaries than literal ones. The difference between genders is one boundary that changes depending on culture. There are boundaries that you’ve made up; they only exist in your mind. Think of something you believe you can’t do, like draw, explore that boundary, and change it. There are also cultural boundaries, like the glass and lavender ceilings; learn about them and work to change them. Boundaries only have the power we give them. Let’s figure out a way to help each other become the best we can be by removing those boundaries that hold us back and keep us apart.

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