Peppy Penguin Finds a Home

When we get word, either from Etsy or from our website, that one of our plushie penguins has been adopted, the first thing we do is we find the penguin. Our stuffed penguins are free range, so it can be a little difficult to locate the penguin in question. They’re very social and very curious. However, recently, they’ve been in the rookery that has formed on the back of our couch and arm chair. Peppy was hanging out with Franklin and their big sibling (who is still waiting to find a name). She was so excited to hear that she was going to Alaska, but she thought she might need a sweater.

Getting Ready for the Trip

Jenya knitted up a sweater and found suitable transport. Peppy grabbed her flat friend to travel with and started learning about Alaska. She said she’s excited about fresh fish, but they are so large. She is also excited to see some of the other wildlife. Mostly, she was excited to meet her family and have new adventures with them. Franklin, their big sibling, and Peppy would miss each other, but each of them understood that it would be for the best. Peppy was ready to help her new family smile more and make happier memories.

Helping Penguins in New Zealand

Because our penguins want to help other penguins, Peppy sent some of her adoption fees to The Royal Albatross Centre in New Zealand. While the centre is famous for its work protecting the only mainland colony of Royal Albatrosses, it also protects Little Penguins. Jenya and I saw these little guys come out of the water and it was amazing. The Albatross Centre relies on visitors for a lot of its income, so Peppy’s donation made some difference for the New Zealand Conservation effort.

Flying Away

Penguins can’t fly unless they have help. Peppy waved her wings at us enthusiastically and embarked on her trip home. We hope to have more news from her when she arrives.

If you’d like your own handmade plushie penguin, check out who still needs a forever family and start the adoption process. Our penguins are waiting to help people be happier.