So You Think You Can’t Draw? I Know You Can.

One of the most important pieces to the puzzle of becoming more creative is believing that you can. In the area of creativity, your mind is the key to unlocking and unleashing your potential. Unfortunately, far too many people have been taught and convinced that they’re just not creative. It’s a disservice to them and to society. If you happen to be one of these people, I have created a course for you: “So, You Think You Can’t Draw.”

Drawing and Creativity

When you were young, you drew. You took a crayon, pencil, and markers, and you made lines. You might have been reprimanded or punished for drawing on the wall or on the furniture. This event alone may have been enough to put you off of drawing. However, there is a far more serious culprit for causing you to believe you can’t draw.

Artistic Comparison

If you were lucky, your parents took your drawings and out them on the fridge. In kindergarten, you created masterpieces of artwork. This went on until you faced the inevitable comparison. It may have been that another child in class was a better artist, and “better,” in this case, meant able to draw more closely to real life, which is another comparison. Maybe, you were told that flowers and suns didn’t have faces. At some point, you looked at the artwork around you and decided (or were told) that you couldn’t draw. If you were lucky enough to keep practicing into high school, you may have been told that you’ll never make a living at it. It’s better to just give it up.

The Money Lie

There’s an unreasonable expectation in our society that states “If you can’t make money from it, it’s not worth doing.” So many things are turned into commodities with the Internet, that it becomes increasingly clear your abilities should be able to make money or you should stop doing them and turn to something else. However, drawing, and by extension, creativity, can do more for you than be profitable. It can help you self-actualize, gain some happy moments, empower you by improving your self-efficacy, and improve your memory.

4-Minute Videos

The seven, 4-minute videos I’ve created will give you the shapes you need to draw anything. You can then use these shapes to remember that you can draw. You don’t have to be an artist to make pictures. It just takes a little practice and an understanding of shapes, and you can recall what your child mind already knows. Once you believe you can draw, you’ll believe you can be creative. That’s the key to becoming more creative.

You Can Be More Creative

If you’d like to see these videos, the fourth in the series will be available today. The first three are already up and ready for you to watch; just join our Patreon at any level (including $1 a month) and get your draw on. I am releasing videos one a week for Patreon members only – though I may release the first video on YouTube when all seven become available.

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Here’s the forst video in the series for a sneak peek: