298 Consecutive Days of Posting

About 299 days ago, I decided that I would commit to publishing 365 consecutive days of posting. Somewhere along the line, I ran across a motivational speaker, who said something like “If you can commit to 365 days of anything, you can succeed.” I don’t know if that’s true or not, yet. To be honest, my other website, www.penguinate.weebly.com, which I can’t access from my current location, is still doing better than this blog in terms of income and in spite of the fact that I haven’t published anything new there for more than a year. I even pulled the most popular post from that website and put it here: Internal Communications of Southwest Airlines.

Of course, that website I worked on for years, and only had to change it when Weebly decided to ban access for people living in Russia. I contacted them about the problem, and they said, “Yeah, we’re not going to change it.” I wasn’t ready to pay for an VPN that would get me access, so I decided to move to WordPress.

Will I Make It?

I didn’t think I would make it today because I had to deal with getting airline tickets. My resident’s permit is set to expire, and currently, international flights keep canceling. It’s not just the stress of, well, everything: COVID, secret police in the US, moving without knowing where exactly we will live, and having to maintain a budget while purchasing tickets that may or may not get refunded, and other issues.

It’s also the fact that I have to continue to work while all of this is going on. Both my writing jobs have work available, and since they pay the bills, they are the ones that I have to focus on when I’m not busy spending my time on the Internet making changes to my flights and hotel rooms for the 7th time. (That’s the number of completion, so maybe the next flight will go.) Looking at the income available from the website, it makes more sense to write for other sources until this site becomes your goto site for creativity, Cookie Saturday, collecting fun, and most importantly, penguins!

Can Only Push So Far

I have tried to get ahead of the curve on several occasions, but I keep coming back to “publish now or the streak ends.” I have a schedule and some ideas for the different days, but those things still have to get written. I just have to find the time, energy, and motivation to do so.

You Can Help

What can you do to help to keep the consecutive days of posting streak alive?

  • If you’re a writer, you can write something related to creativity or your books, and it will give me something to publish.
  • Join our Patreon, and I can devote more time to writing for this website and Patreon members. (Penguin of the Month for July will be up shortly.)
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  • Hire me to write your blog; it’ll be better than one of my day jobs, and you’ll get great, search engine optimized material for your website.
  • Make me an offer about what you’d like to help with; we’re open to suggestions.
  • Send encouraging words.
  • Send topics you’d like to see covered in the blog.

Seriously, thank you for reading and being a part of our support group. We’re looking forward to coming home, even with all the chaos and confusion. Now, I need to come up with posts 299 through 365 while writing about greater gliders in Australia and various business things like exterior painting, pool design, plumbing, and air conditioning.