August is the Month to Shop on Etsy: Win $5,000

Etsy and Mastercard are teaming up to give Etsy shoppers $5,000! From now until the end of August, one lucky shopper on Etsy will receive $5,000 as a thank you for supporting small business and handmade items. I suppose I could probably write that information in another way, and psychologists would say I need to write it six times in order for you to remember it and 22 times in order for you to take action. However, I think more of you than psychologists.

You are a savvy shopper, who knows that you shouldn’t buy something because of a contest, even if it is to win $5,000. You should only buy those things you were planning on buying in the first place. But if you were planning on shopping at Etsy, now would be the best time to do it. You’ll get an amazing product, and you’ll get a chance to win $5,000.

Full disclosure: If you win for adopting a penguin at our shop, we’ll get $5,000, too! That’s true for every shop on Etsy. Whichever purchase you make that wins for you also wins for the shop where you bought. I can’t tell you what $5,000 would mean to us, but I can tell you it would be incredibly helpful. Even if you don’t want to buy from us, I’m sure every seller on Etsy could use an extra $5,000. You probably could, too. (If you choose something from another shop and win, we imagine that you might come back to adopt a penguin or two.)

This contest is sponsored by Etsy and Mastercard. I’m sure there’s some fine print somewhere. Seek out the fine print, make sure you can win that $5,000, and enjoy finding a treasure on Etsy. (I suggest some very cute stuffed penguins, maybe in costume.)