Moving, Stress, and Obligations Take the Wind out of My Sails

Life has caught up with me too fast, and with a 318-day streak on the line, I’m not sure where my next article is going to come from. I could pull up all of the movie reviews I did in 2012 and recycle them for this website. That, however, is neither very appealing or satisfying for anyone. Still, writing something like this post for the foreseeable future also seems a little problematic.

I’ve been working on a schedule where the subjects run with the days of the week and their related Twitter hashtags: Monday Motivation, Tip Tuesday (or alternatively Travel Tuesday), Wednesday Wisdom, Throwback Thursday (to feature collectibles for Collectors’ Corner), Friday Reads (for books, authors and the occasional short story), Cookie Saturday, and Sunday Funday. The idea was to create a body of work that the search engines would recognize as valuable and related to the core products and services that we offer. It hasn’t worked out, yet.

A Year’s Obligation

Secondarily, I wanted to publish something every day for 365 days in a row. However, I didn’t count on moving internationally in the middle of a pandemic. It’s exhausting and time-consuming, especially while I am still trying to keep up with my other work at the SEO job and at EnviroNews. I can’t just stop writing for them because I need the income. (I forgot to mention expensive, didn’t I? Moving by itself is expensive; throw in another country, and it’s a whole new level of Fuhhh.) I don’t have the privilege to focus on packing and letting the work slide.

Family Obligations

Because we are moving so far away and there’s the very likely possibility that we won’t be able to see my wife’s family again, we are obligated culturally and personally to spend time with them before we leave. This takes away from the time that I was using to write this blog since it will be during the same time that we will be spending with them.

Lack of Preparation

I thought I would have another week, and every time I got one or two articles ahead, something else stepped in to bring me back to the same treadmill of writing. I tried to get enough articles done that I could focus on what I need to do to get ready to go and spending time with the family. It just didn’t work out. Either I had too much work from other (paying) sources, or the stress and uncertainty of our situation ambushed me into a lack of inspiration – mostly the latter.

Keeping It Alive

I’m so close to finishing the streak, but realistically, I have other, more profitable things to do with my time. They just aren’t as rewarding, and they don’t have the element of the one-armed bandit appeal. If I just publish the right article, I’ll get a million page views, a thousand subscribers, and I’ll be able to take a day or two off. C’mon, baby, papa needs a new pair of shoes! (Or some new things for the house that he hasn’t found, yet.) Thanks for reading.