The Unicorn Penguin with a Chip on Its Beak

My wife and I have been trying to outfit our apartment on the cheap while still keeping it homey and having some of our favorite items around to provide happy energy. This has meant multiple trips to the dollar store for strange, new snacks, bathroom accessories, and penguins!

While I was in physical therapy for my shoulder, Jenya went into the dollar store and found a display full of ceramic knickknacks. She saw two “unicorn” penguins on an otherwise empty section of shelf. One of the penguins had a chip on its beak. The other was in good condition. Along with some other items, she picked up the one in good condition. Then, she went out to the car and waited for me to finish my PT.

When I returned to the car, she showed me what she bought, a potato masher, something else, and the penguin. Then, she told me about the chipped penguin. I told her we needed to get the chipped penguin.

Penguins, generally, mate for life. These two were on the shelf together for a reason. Even if one is a little damaged, there was no point in breaking up the couple, especially since there was a good chance that the chipped unicorn penguin would end up being tossed aside and never finding another home.

While walking through the store, we found the rest of the unicorn penguin colony, but we couldn’t exchange the chipped penguin with one that was in better condition. It would’ve been too sad to think of the penguin all alone.

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