Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwich Deal, Disneyland Comes to Grocery Outlet

In the Salem/Dallas area, Grocery Outlet is consistently less expensive than the other grocery stores. You still want to be on the look out for deals at Safeway, but if in doubt going to the outlet is your best bet for a reduced food bill. While there are a lot of bargains on the floor, there is one thing that Disney fans should look for because Disneyland has come to the Grocery Outlet stores: the iconic (and tasty) Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwich bars.

Disneyland Desserts

I did a poll at Penguinate.weebly.com about my family’s favorite Mickey Mouse foods from Disneyland. My grandma goes for the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar, but I love the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwich. I love the fact that it’s hard frozen so the first bite you have to gnaw off the bar, and the second bite breaks away in your mouth. I enjoy the texture and the flavor. I also love the whimsical shape of Mickey Mouse and wonder why I always start with the ears.

Disneyland Opening

While Walt Disney World has been open for a couple of months now, and as of Oct. 9 2020, there have been no coronavirus outbreaks traced to the parks, Disneyland remains closed to the public. For those Disney fans that are unwilling to fly to the Easy Coast for their Disney fix, there is one way to find a cheap, ready-to-eat Disney dessert near you.

Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwich Special

The Grocery Outlet has Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwiches priced at three for $1, about 34 cents each. That’s an amazing deal. These are the same ice cream sandwiches that you can get at the parks for about $6. They are my favorite Disneyland treat from a cart vendor. You can get 15 of them for $5. What are you waiting for? The expiration dates are set for December on the bars I’ve seen, so you have plenty of time to hoard and eat and remember the good times you’ve had at Disneyland. Even if you don’t like Disney land (shudder), 34 cents for this size ice cream sandwich is a kickin’ deal.