Disney’s Wonderful World of Reading Year Book 2003 and Creativity

Disney’s Wonderful World of Reading published the Year Book series, and it’s a treasure trove of information. Your expectations may be that there would be a lot of Disney stories inside and little else. I was certainly only expecting a little fluff reading before I went to bed. Instead, in the 2003 Year Book (affiliate link), I learned about the airplanes, butterflies, and birthstones. I still got a fix of fiction with stories from “Monsters Inc.,” “Sleeping Beauty,” and Mickey Mouse. More importantly, the Year Book has a few activities sprinkled in for people to do.

You might think that Disney’s Year Book series is for children, but if you need to jumpstart your creativity, this series is a good choice for adults, too. The intermix of fiction and non-fiction allows your brain to find the connections. The activities allow you to use your hands as part of a creative process, and the ease of presentation allows your mind to absorb the information in a way that limits stress.

The book ends with several jokes that you already know. You may not laugh at the joke, but you’ll remember a time when you told the joke yourself and thought it was the best joke ever. Humor and creativity have some similarities that make this the perfect end. Pick up a couple of these books and use them the next time you find yourself in a creative rut.

This is part of our Disneycember coverage. Doug Walker, the Nostalgia Critic, and Channel Awesome appear to have coined the term “Disneycember.” Come back every day during December and read a new Disney article.

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