Getting the Most out of Motivational Speakers

Every motivational speaker has the same story, or at least, they all have a variation on a theme. Usually, it starts with a hardship – My dad and I lived in a bathroom, I lost my eyesight, I was poor. It doesn’t matter what the hardship is – We had to drink tap water, My dog ate my stuffed animal, My grandma got me a bunny suit for Christmas. What does matter is that it caused the motivational speaker to take action. He or she has overcome whatever issue it was, or maybe continues to face the horrors of the issue that comes with the emotions associated with it, but life is much better than it was before.

These motivational speakers will pump you up with their enthusiasm. If it’s done in a big hall, the emotions of those around you will increase the motivation you feel. You’ll be excited to go out and be all that you can be. However, that motivation will wear off, and you’ll be right back where you started before the meeting. You’ll still have to go to the job you hate and work in the evenings and on the weekends to make your dreams come true if you can pull yourself away from binge-watching Netflix, spending time with the family, and doing the chores you need to get done so you’re not living in squalor.

What can you do to get the most out of motivational materials?

First, have a goal. Motivational speakers can’t give you a goal to motivate you after you leave their presence. That has to come from within. If you can find something that motivates you intrinsically, motivational speakers can help you keep your enthusiasm during the times when it feels like it’s ebbing. Motivation without a goal will just lead you to being active without going forward.

Second, realize that motivational speakers can’t give you specifics about your goal. They are delivering a speech or writing a book for hundreds or thousands of people. They need to keep it generic enough that it will hit everyone in the emotions. If they get too specific, they’ll miss their target. If you want more specific help, you’ll need to find a mentor or a coach who is versed in the area that you find motivating.

Third, use the motivational speakers, words, and tools as you need them. You don’t need to follow the whole message; you just need enough of it that you can keep moving forward. If you find a motivational speaker that really revs you up and you have a goal that you know how to get to, you’ll find your pathway much easier.

Why Are Motivational Tools Important?

The world is a negative place. No matter how good your idea, people are going to tell you why it won’t work and why you should be careful. You’ll have some of your closest friends and family members trying to protect you from failure. Even as strong as you are, there will be times when you need a boost of confidence, and you’ll have to find it outside your circle. Motivational speakers and their books are available to help you mend your resolve and increase your readiness for action.

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