Partners with Melting Pot Candy in Independence, OR

We are happy to announce that our penguins have a new adoption center available in Independence, Or. If you live in the Independence area and have ever thought about adopting a penguin, it’s time to visit the Melting Pot Candy on Main Street!

The Melting Pot Candy is a small business that specializes in toffee and other candies. Owner Bonnie Andrews started the business in 2009 when she began selling toffee made using her grandmother’s recipe. She has expanded into amazing truffles, caramel corn, and other chocolates. (Our favorite is the dark chocolate jalapeno almond toffee! It spices up our life!

When you adopt one of our penguins, you get a companion that likes to travel, take photos, and listen to what you have to say. They are cuddly, handmade, and have unique Faces with hand-embroidered eyes. Stoke your imagination and feel the love of our penguins by adopting one from Melting Pot Candy

Some of our penguins volunteered to go down to the Melting Pot. I think they’re secretly planning on enjoying the sweet smells of toffee, chocolate, and popcorn. Scarlett in her beautiful red dress might remind you of an attraction at Disneyland where her namesake is a part of the Rum auction. Persimmon Penguin in her plaid outfit is ready to celebrate a forever family. Her black and white coloring is striking. Franklin is one of our blue penguins inspired by our visit to New Zealand. CherryBeret Pie with a knit hat and scarf is ready for you to adopt her. A portion of the proceeds from these penguins will go to the Royal Albatross Centre in New Zealand for their work with penguins and other birds.

Rudolph and Little Bit are two of our newest penguins. They’re roly poly stress relievers ready to feel the squeeze. Help us make this the city of Indepenguince! Adopt a penguin today at the Melting Pot (and get some great chocolate while you’re there).

If you’d like to adopt a penguin and have some chocolate truffles sent to you, we’ll be happy to do so. Send us message using our contact form. We’ll have valentine’s Day orders and Easter orders available soon.

Melting Pot Candy in Independence, Or
Melting Pot Candy in Independence, Or