Hidden Mickey Series and Other Suggestions: Going to Disneyland through Books

(This article contains affiliate links. An affiliate link takes you to the product page for the book, so you can purchase it. It doesn’t cost you anything additional, and we make a little money to support our website and writing.) At one of the D23 Expos I attended, I picked up five books in the Hidden Mickey series. The authors autographed them, I read them, and then I packed them away with all my other stuff that’s been packed away for uncounted years. On my second read through, I am finding greater appreciation for the series.

Hidden Mickey 1

After a couple of prologues, Hidden Mickey 1 takes the reader on a trivia race through the early 2000’s Disneyland. The descriptions are wonderfully worded to allow for greater visualization of a time when Disneyland was open and security measures were less stringent. You’ll even get to remember Country Bear Jamboree. As a bonus, readers are treated to the words of Walt Disney though his diary. This may all be fiction, but it is well-written and makes use of quotes attributed to Disney.

Other Indie Books on Disneyland

These books are nonfiction:

  • Cleaning the Kingdom” — With two books in the series, you’re going to go on a tour of Disneyland history through the eyes of the custodial crew. Stories to amaze, delight, and disgust abound in this tribute from the Sweep Spot to those who keep Disneyland clean.
  • Disneyland Is Creativity” and the “Haunted Mansion Is Creativity” are my two books that link the history and structure of the park and park attraction to the principles of creativity. You can only get the hard cover of “Disneyland Is Creativity” from this website.
  • Seen and Unseen Disneyland” has a lot of photos of details in the park.