DisneyPlus Movies You May Have Missed: The Love Bug, Magic Camp, and Timmy Failure

How the Love Bug Predicted the Future

Released in 1968, “The Love Bug” tells the story of a racing Volkswagen with a mind of its own. It was so popular that the movie inspired four sequels and a short-lived television series. While the movie itself starts out funny and has several madcap chases, which seem to be a staple of Disney movies in this era. Toward the end, “The Love Bug” reaches into the realm of nightmares to strike a horror chord.

As a product of its time, it has a scene of drinking and driving, questionable but surprising diversity, and the timeless theme of rich versus poor. Buddy Hackett, who provided the voice for Scuttle in “The Little Mermaid,” is charming and funny. He also spouts the film’s main prognostication:

“You pack these machines with all this information, until they are smarter than we are.”

With smartphones, smart houses, and smart appliances, this seems more powerful than ever. “The Love Bug” still holds up, even with the dated hairstyles.

‘Magic Camp’ Works Disney Formula for Something Magical

The success of ‘Magic Camp’ ultimately hinges on the likability of Adam Devine as Andy, a talented but failed magician. Andy is recruited by the headmaster of the Institute for Magic to teach magic to a group of first years. Spurred by thoughts of revenge on his partner, who is also a camp counselor and a roaring success as a magician. Their rivalry and Andy’s love spurned create tension; they clearly still have feelings for each other. Fortunately, Devine has the help of several likable actors and characters.

Yes, “Magic Camp” is formulaic. You know how it’s going to end for the most part. However, the story does work in a couple of twists that are satisfying and help keep the film from descending into a copy of the underdog campers’ story. The best part is that this film is funny and fun. Enjoy the magic as the stars explore their sense of self-worth and what it means to be a magician.

Watching ‘Timmy Failure’ Isn’t a Mistake

In “Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made,” Timmy is a fifth grader, whose father walked out on the family a long time ago. Timmy has opened his own detective agency with his partner, a polar bear. Timmy is a literal thinker and his imagination keeps interfering with real life. He’s quirky and dead pan. The movie is strange and funny. It feels like a Wes Anderson film minus the color schemes.

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