Lincoln City Archers League: Rules of Engagement

Our archers league is meant to be for fun and games. We want people to enjoy archery and find others who like to do the same thing. We use traditional bows on our range.

We expect participants to help each other and uplift one another while allowing beginners to grow their skills. Our atmosphere is relaxed and empowering. We celebrate each other’s wins. League participants have the opportunity to suggest changes to the schedule of events.

Archers league members receive 40% off regular shooting fees throughout the week. Members who attend all 10 league nights or pay the full $450 league dues at one time will receive the shooting discount through Mar. 31, 2022. Members are expected to book their line time online or over the phone. However, walk-ins will be accepted on a space available basis.

Non-league members are welcome to join us at the cost of $50 for one session. However, league night participation is limited to 20 people with league members having priority.

If you feel sick, please stay home. Your health is more important than archery league night. If you’re ill and cannot make league night, you may still be able to participate in league activities throughout the week, depending on the activity.

Our fall league is focused on lightly competitive games like Tic Tac Toe, which we call Nick, Nock, NO!, and Archery Baseball. We will also have a team game, Zombie Apocalypse Live Action Arcade, where a team of up to four can face off against the zombie horde.

Our winter league, which will start in February, will focus on achievements like bamboo shooting, the cupid challenge, and intentional Robin Hooding. We will also play Nick! Nock! NO!

For more information on our league nights, check out our league night press release or contact us at 503-409-8371. Join us for indoor archery in Lincoln City.


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