Celebrate World Tourism Day with Lincoln City Archery

My wife and I love to travel. It has opened our eyes and minds to many new experiences. We know that our travel depends on the people who work at restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions. In honor of World Tourism Day, Monday, Sep. 27, 2021, Lincoln City Archery invites professionals working in the tourism industry to come shoot some arrows. Simply book your place online, and when you come in, let us know where you work. You will receive $7 off your range fees. This offer is only available on Sep. 27, 2021. We look forward to seeing you.

Range fees start at $15 for 15 minutes and include the use of equipment, as well as instruction for traditional shooting. One hour of range time is $30.

Lincoln City Archery is Lincoln City’s only indoor archery range. We offer classes, leagues, and a place to hone your traditional archery skills, so you can receive the benefits of self-empowerment, a calm mind, and a great way to enjoy your down time. Our range is located at the Lincoln City Outlets next to the Whale Playground. We’re open from 11 to 7 every day. Book online or at (503)409-8371.

Our range features a selection of traditional archery equipment, including bows that can be shot right or left handed, arrows, and protective wear. We offer books on archery and books by independent authors. We also have beautiful handmade penguins. Our business is locally owned and family operated.

If you’re looking for “archery near me” on the Oregon Coast, we are the place to go for traditional archery in Lincoln City, Oregon. Come to Lincoln City Archery and get on target for a happier World Tourism Day!