How to Shoot a Bow and Arrow Available for Preorder

When I was first learning how to shoot a bow and arrow, I had a checklist. I went from my feet to my knees to my hips and shoulders, and only when my body was in position would I worry about the bow. Of course, my instructor gave me a good-natured ribbing as I went through the mental list in a not-so-subtle manner, but it was the only way I could remember most things. (Stupid back elbow.)

After opening Lincoln City Archery, I released many of the people who do 15-minute sessions with us or buy a bow from us could use a book to help them remember what they learned in their time on our range. I know I could have used it to help me learn everything better. People have different learning styles, but even those who don’t remember best from reading can use the reinforcements that come from the digesting of information through books.

“How to Shoot a Bow an Arrow” is available for preorder at Amazon as an eBook. (Those who prefer paperbacks can order from this website.) The book is about 80 pages long. It goes through the process of getting your body, bow and arrow into position so you can shoot successfully in a traditional manner. Traditional archery is a good exercise for the body, and it will help you find a quiet place in your mind. As you start your archery journey, this book will help you remember what your body already knows. Preorder “How to Shoot a Bow and Arrow” today.