Penguin Awareness Day 2022: Cocoa, Books, Stuffed Penguins

January 20 is Penguin Awareness Day 2022! To celebrate our cute friends from the mostly south, Lincoln City Archery will be giving away a “cup” of hot cocoa with the adoption of any penguin and/or the purchase of “Polly Penguin Wants to Fly.” There is little better than watching funny penguin videos with a cup of cocoa in hand.

Can’t make it to Lincoln City Archery? You can still help penguins by purchasing “Polly Penguin Wants to Fly” at Amazon (affiliate link). A dollar from every copy of the book sold, regardless of format, will be donated to Tiri Tiri Matangi for their work with little penguins and other New Zealand Wildlife.

Or contact us to see which penguins are currently available for adoption. A portion of the adoption fees for every penguin goes to the Royal Albatross Centre for their work with little penguins and other birds.

Our handmade stuffed penguins are packed with personality. They said they wanted to do something good for their friends who live in the wild. When we saw the penguins in New Zealand, we knew what we had to do. In 2021, we raised over $100 for the Royal Albatross Centre. We hope to beat that this year.

Celebrate Penguin Awareness Day 2022 and adopt a new penguin friend, get a good book, and enjoy your cocoa.