‘And Death Followed Behind Her’ Book Review

And Death Followed Behind Her” (affiliate link) starts with the apocalypse having gone on for a couple years already. The only survivors are those who, like Katrina, have and keep a will to live. She faces zombies, demons, three-headed dogs, imps and minotaurs. However, not all of the evil creatures are actively evil. Some just want to play video games and stay out of Hell. How can anyone fault them for that?

When Katrina has finally had enough, she teams up with those closest to her. But can a demon, two mortals, a zombie and a wingless angel end the apocalypse? With echoes of the movie “This Is the End,” the first book in “And Death Followed Behind Her” is a fast-paced adventure with plenty of adult situations and language and a little less laughter. Katrina is a beguiling character whose honesty, willpower, and snark, rub many people, demons, and zombies the wrong way.

A quick read, “And Death Followed Behind Her” is a compilation of three “Katrina Hates” stories adapted from Nohelty’s own graphic novels. Nohelty creates a new tale that Hollywood should be desperate to get its hands on. Until Hollywood finds it, you can get it at Lincoln City Archery, on Amazon (affiliate link), and at Nohelty’s own website.

Indie Authors at Lincoln City Archery

At Lincoln City Archery, we have a wide variety of books written by self-published writers, including my own. These are books that you generally wont’ find in larger bookstores that rely on publishing house distributors. Many of our books are written or edited by local authors (including the range leader at our location).

At Lincoln City Archery, we provide archers the opportunity to increase their knowledge of traditional archery and practice their skills at our indoor archery range in Lincoln City, Oregon. Like traditional archery, reading books takes focus and concentration. Turning off your electronics and reading a book for an hour will improve your focus and concentration. If the story is good enough, it won’t even seem like practicing. Plus, it’s a great way to pass the time when you can’t make it to the range. Happy shooting, happy reading, and let’s get on target.

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