Lincoln City Archers League Challenge: Different Differences

In the first book of the Ranger’s Apprentice series, “Ruins of Gorlan,” (affiliate link) the titular character is practicing his archery skills by shooting arrows at targets placed at different distances. His mentor explained that this will allow him to hone his instinct. If he were to shoot at the same target with each arrow, he would always use his first arrow as a sighting shot. On March 1, 2022, Archers League members and those who show up for league night will have the opportunity to try this activity.

Ordinarily, our range is set up so archers shoot at one target on their lane. This is to limit the number of arrows that may be broken. Arrows fired on a diagonal present a larger, more brittle surface area that can be hit (accidentally or on purpose), and unlike hitting a nock at the back of an arrow, the damage to the shaft is irreparable. On this night, we will try a new target set up that should allow archers to hone their instinct. The achievement goal will be to hit the bull’s-eyes on two or three targets in the same round.

About the League

Lincoln City Archers League starts on Feb. 15 with the Cupid Apprentice Challenge. You can see the full proposed calendar here. Events are subject to change. League nights are $50 per person and start at 5:30pm.

Lincoln City Archers League is for traditional archers. Our range can accommodate bows less than 40# in draw weight. League members may also use our equipment. League nights do not feature instruction, so those wishing to become members are encouraged to learn the basics of traditional archery before league starts. Members get 40% off range fees from the time their dues are paid in full or for the week after they have participated in a league night.

We expect league members to lift each other up. Click here for the rules of engagement.

About Our Archery Books

At Lincoln City Archery, we have a wide variety of books on archery, including my own. These are books that you generally wont’ find in larger bookstores that rely on publishing house distributors. Many of our books are reprints of historical archery texts and biographies of well-known archers. We also have “How to” books and fiction works that explore archery. (Read our review of “Ranger’s Apprentice.”)

At Lincoln City Archery, we provide archers the opportunity to increase their knowledge of traditional archery and practice their skills at our indoor archery range in Lincoln City, Oregon. Like traditional archery, reading books takes focus and concentration. Turning off your electronics and reading a book for an hour will improve your focus and concentration. If the story is good enough, it won’t even seem like practicing. Plus, it’s a great way to pass the time when you can’t make it to the range. Happy shooting, happy reading, and let’s get on target.

Affiliate links used in this article allow us to earn a small commission on your book purchase while costing you nothing. Thank you. If you would prefer to order your books directly from us, we will be happy to ship them directly to your home for $3 plus shipping if the books are available.


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