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Lincoln City Archery Calendar of Events

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If you’re looking for “archery near me” on the Oregon coast, look no further than Lincoln City Archery at the Lincoln City Outlets. Our indoor archery range provides four lanes for traditional archery shooting where archers can use bows with a lower than 35-pound draw weight to practice their skills.

All daily sessions come with instruction and equipment. For those looking for a little more, we’re offering a fun and games league. League night is Monday and runs 5:30 to 7:30pm. Sign up now or come in on Monday Sep. 20 for our first meeting. The league is limited to 20 people on a first come, first served basis. Non-members may participate in league night when space is available. For those new to archery, it’s easy to come in for a 15-minute session to get basic instruction in traditional archery. Otherwise, you can sign up for our six-week course to hone your skills.

Sep. 19 and 20: In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, get your share of Pirate’s Booty! Unlock Pirate Captain Seamus McClenaghan’s treasure chest with your archery skills for more booty.

All fun and games start on Monday with the Lincoln City Archers League.

Sep. 27: Archery Baseball season opens with first shots being taken on league night. Match yourself against Baseball Duck and his pitchers for seeding in the Archery Baseball series. Join the league to stake your claim as the top archery baseball player in the world. Check out the written rules.

Oct. 4: Archery Baseball playoffs.

Oct. 11: World Series of Archery Baseball.

Oct. 18 to 31: Zombie Apocalypse Arcade: Face off against a horde of zombies and keep them from taking over Lincoln City.

Nov. 1 to 8: Nick, Nock, NO! Our version of Tic, Tac, Toe with arrows. The first week is for seeding, the second week is for the tournament.

Nov. 15 and 22: Turkey Shoot. Three bull’s eyes, a paper plate, your hand drawing… gobble, gobble.

Nov. 29: League Awards

Traditional archery in Lincoln City has never been more fun or more accessible.

Calendar subject to change based on input from archers and league members.

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Lincoln City Archers League Starts Sep. 20

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Lincoln City, OR (August 24, 2021) – Lincoln City Archery will launch its first ever Lincoln City Archers League on Sep. 20, 2021. The League will meet for 10 Mondays from 5:30 to 7:30 for camaraderie, fun and games. Individuals who are interested in improving their traditional archery skills are invited to sign up for the league in advance as space is limited to the first 20 people. At this time, archers will be limited to using traditional bows (long or recurve bows) of 35 pounds or less draw weight.

“We want to give local archers an opportunity to come together for some fun indoor activities,” said Shad Engkilterra, owner of Lincoln City Archery.

On Sep. 20, we will complete the paperwork for archers and give them a chance to shoot on the range. Available range time will be divided up, and we will use a pirate setting for an additional challenge. Everyone will get a chance to get their share of the pirate booty. Other games used during the league may include Nick, Nock, No!, Archery Baseball, Zombie Apocalypse, turkey shoot, and/or Duck Hunt tribute. Archers will help decide how events proceed.

“This is our first league, so I expect that we will be making some adjustments on the fly,” said Engkilterra. “We’re going to focus on fun and fair with some video game theory thrown in.”

A proposed calendar will be released before the Sep. 20 meeting. The cost for archers is $600 per person, which includes the use of range equipment and a discount for archery sessions during the week. Payments may be made on a weekly basis at the normal league night price of $75. League members may also be able to make up some events during the week. Awards will be given out at the last league night, Nov. 29.