Race to the Back Event for Lincoln City Archers League on Feb. 22, 2022

Lincoln City Archers League members who join us on Feb. 22, 2022 will gather together in teams and race to the back of the range in the fewest number of rounds. Teams can consist of as many as five players, and non-league archers are welcome to participate in the evening’s program. However, the event is limited to 20 people and league members take priority over non-league archers. The cost is $50 for the evening, and it is included in league dues for those who have paid in full.

Race to the Back Rules

Targets start out at 10 yards. Archers shoot three arrows in a round, and two bull’s-eyes moves the target back a yard. Once arrows are retrieved, the next member of the team steps up to shoot the bull’s-eye. The target continues to get pushed back until it reaches 14 yards. If time remains, two more rounds may be added using rubber ducks as the target. (Individuals may be their own team if space is available.) If an archer misses the target with all three arrows in a round, the target moves up a yard unless it is already at the 10-yard marker or in the bonus rounds.

More League Information

Lincoln City Archers League starts on Feb. 15 with the Cupid Apprentice Challenge. You can see the full proposed calendar here. Events are subject to change. League nights are $50 per person and start at 5:30pm.

Lincoln City Archers League is for traditional archers. Our range can accommodate bows less than 40# in draw weight. League members may also use our equipment. League nights do not feature instruction, so those wishing to become members are encouraged to learn the basics of traditional archery before league starts. Members get 40% off range fees from the time their dues are paid in full or for the week after they have participated in a league night.

We expect league members to lift each other up. Click here for the rules of engagement.


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