Lincoln City Archers League Schedule of Events for Winter/Spring 2022

Please note: This is a suggested list of events and dates for the Lincoln City Archers League starting Feb. 15 and concluding April 19, 2022. Events and dates may change depending on the will of the archers in the league. League nights are Tuesdays and start at 5:30pm. The cost is $50 per night or $450 if all dues are paid in advance. Cost includes the use of range bows and arrows. Archers may bring their own recurve or longbow with an under 40-pound draw weight.

  • Feb. 15: Cupid Apprentice Challenge – Shoot the hearts on one leg for a chance to become Cupid’s apprentice. Spread the love!
  • Feb. 22: Race to the Back – Grab a team or compete as a single archer. The first team to the back and through the two bonus rounds wins!
  • March 1: Different Distances – Practice using your instinct to hit the targets at different distances in the same round.
  • March 8: Nick, Nock, NO! – Archery version of Tic Tac Toe! The first round for seeding purposes.
  • March 15: Nick, Nock, NO! – Second Round will be played as an elimination tournament.
  • March 22: Shoot the Stick – An old-style challenge that will use “sticks” of different widths at different distances.
  • March 29: 50-Arrow Challenge – How many bull’s eyes will you get?
  • April 5: The Odysseus Challenge – How many axes will you shoot through?
  • April 12: Early Easter Egg Hunt
  • April 19: Awards and the Robin Hood Challenge – Split the arrow intentionally.

Lincoln City Archers League is designed to be fun and uplifting. Please see our rules of engagement. There will be no time for teaching during league nights. Beginners will want to come in to Lincoln City Archery before the league starts if they want to join in the fun and games. League members get 40% off range fees during the week starting from the day they sign up until April 26, 2022. Lincoln City Archery is located at the Lincoln City Outlets in Lincoln City, Oregon. Call (503-409-8371) or stop by to sign up.


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