Cupid Calls for Apprentice Archers at Lincoln City Archers League

Cupid has decided that he needs more help spreading love and joy throughout the world with his archery skills. He will be taking on apprentices this year, and the process starts at Lincoln City Archery on Feb. 15, 2022 at 5:30pm. Cupid has decided that the perfect place to begin searching for new archers is at the Lincoln City Archers League. He has come up with a series of challenges for archers to accomplish during the evening activities.

“I’ve realized that being the only person in charge of love is hard,” said Cupid in a letter to Lincoln City Archery. “I need some excellent archers who care to make it easier.”

Those wishing to become Cupid’s apprentices will need to hit the heart at each distance on the range, starting with 10 yards and working toward 14. All shots must be made using the cupid pose – on one leg with the back leg sticking out behind the archer.

Join Lincoln City Archery and see if you’re ready to help Cupid spread more love this year.

Lincoln City Archers League Nights require $50 nightly dues or $450 paid all at once for 10 nights. Cupid’s Apprentice Challenge is the first in a series of challenges that will face local archers. League members will also face the Odysseus Challenge, an early Easter Egg hunt, and the 50-arrow challenge. Game nights will include Archery Tic Tac Toe and Race to the Back.

The Archers League is for traditional archers of any skill level. However, those who have never shot a bow and arrow will need to come in to Lincoln City Archery for an archery session before the league starts. Basic instruction will not be available on league nights. Lincoln City Archers League meets at Lincoln City Archery in the Lincoln City Outlets. Contact us for more details at 503-409-8371.

We expect our league to be fun. Archers are encouraged to help each other get better. Please familiarize yourself with the Archers Rules of Engagement.