Depoe Bay Whale Watching from Land

We saw whales today at Depoe Bay. Well, to be fair, it was likely one whale that kept coming to the surface. The whale had a pattern – one large exhale, three smaller exhales, and then dive. He or she stayed in the same area, and we watched from various points on the walkway along Depoe Bay’s main street, which also happens to be Highway 101.

One of the cool things about Depoe Bay is the whale watching center they have set up. This place could provide shelter during rainy days. However, the sun was out, so what it provided us was a closer view of the whale. They have this cool set up, where a volunteer runs a camera. The moving pictures are put on two TV screens – one of which is huge. Looking at the camera allowed me to orient myself to where the whale was appearing with regularity. We could then walk on the sidewalk and watch the whale.

If you haven’t been to Depoe Bay or you’ve just passed through, you might think that the only parking is along the highway. At least that’s what I thought until I decided to use some logic. Back behind the businesses are lots of parking spaces that you can use. The ones on the highway are usually filled, and it had been an impediment to me deciding to stop there on the spur of the moment. Now, I know better.

The Horn had good food. The hamburger was filling, and the tots with red pepper ranch were great. Jenya liked the Salmon sandwich, and we were full for two meals. The coffee was also good.

Depoe Bay is a nice place to visit, especially when the weather is dry. We’ll have to find out if we can get on one of the whale watching boats. Coming out of the harbor looks like an adventure.


Cupid Calls for Apprentice Archers at Lincoln City Archers League

Cupid has decided that he needs more help spreading love and joy throughout the world with his archery skills. He will be taking on apprentices this year, and the process starts at Lincoln City Archery on Feb. 15, 2022 at 5:30pm. Cupid has decided that the perfect place to begin searching for new archers is at the Lincoln City Archers League. He has come up with a series of challenges for archers to accomplish during the evening activities.

“I’ve realized that being the only person in charge of love is hard,” said Cupid in a letter to Lincoln City Archery. “I need some excellent archers who care to make it easier.”

Those wishing to become Cupid’s apprentices will need to hit the heart at each distance on the range, starting with 10 yards and working toward 14. All shots must be made using the cupid pose – on one leg with the back leg sticking out behind the archer.

Join Lincoln City Archery and see if you’re ready to help Cupid spread more love this year.

Lincoln City Archers League Nights require $50 nightly dues or $450 paid all at once for 10 nights. Cupid’s Apprentice Challenge is the first in a series of challenges that will face local archers. League members will also face the Odysseus Challenge, an early Easter Egg hunt, and the 50-arrow challenge. Game nights will include Archery Tic Tac Toe and Race to the Back.

The Archers League is for traditional archers of any skill level. However, those who have never shot a bow and arrow will need to come in to Lincoln City Archery for an archery session before the league starts. Basic instruction will not be available on league nights. Lincoln City Archers League meets at Lincoln City Archery in the Lincoln City Outlets. Contact us for more details at 503-409-8371.

We expect our league to be fun. Archers are encouraged to help each other get better. Please familiarize yourself with the Archers Rules of Engagement.

Lincoln City Archery Calendar of Events

If you’re looking for “archery near me” on the Oregon coast, look no further than Lincoln City Archery at the Lincoln City Outlets. Our indoor archery range provides four lanes for traditional archery shooting where archers can use bows with a lower than 35-pound draw weight to practice their skills.

All daily sessions come with instruction and equipment. For those looking for a little more, we’re offering a fun and games league. League night is Monday and runs 5:30 to 7:30pm. Sign up now or come in on Monday Sep. 20 for our first meeting. The league is limited to 20 people on a first come, first served basis. Non-members may participate in league night when space is available. For those new to archery, it’s easy to come in for a 15-minute session to get basic instruction in traditional archery. Otherwise, you can sign up for our six-week course to hone your skills.

Sep. 19 and 20: In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, get your share of Pirate’s Booty! Unlock Pirate Captain Seamus McClenaghan’s treasure chest with your archery skills for more booty.

All fun and games start on Monday with the Lincoln City Archers League.

Sep. 27: Archery Baseball season opens with first shots being taken on league night. Match yourself against Baseball Duck and his pitchers for seeding in the Archery Baseball series. Join the league to stake your claim as the top archery baseball player in the world. Check out the written rules.

Oct. 4: Archery Baseball playoffs.

Oct. 11: World Series of Archery Baseball.

Oct. 18 to 31: Zombie Apocalypse Arcade: Face off against a horde of zombies and keep them from taking over Lincoln City.

Nov. 1 to 8: Nick, Nock, NO! Our version of Tic, Tac, Toe with arrows. The first week is for seeding, the second week is for the tournament.

Nov. 15 and 22: Turkey Shoot. Three bull’s eyes, a paper plate, your hand drawing… gobble, gobble.

Nov. 29: League Awards

Traditional archery in Lincoln City has never been more fun or more accessible.

Calendar subject to change based on input from archers and league members.

High Tea Service at the Independent Ice Cream Shop in Independence, Or

The Independent Ice Cream Shop in downtown Independence, Or, serves up a staggering variety of ice cream for a small town. Seasonal flavors, vegan options, and classics are all available and delicious. The shop itself would be remarkable if this was all it served. However, this small business offers up an amazing high tea service that includes tea from their loose-leaf selection and ice cream as a last taste of sweetness.

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Things to Like about Independence, OR: The Independence Cinema

Few small towns can claim a valuable gem like the Independence Cinema. With eight screens, people who live in Independence or Monmouth, OR, have a variety of films available to see (not just one or two).

However, the biggest advantage of the Independence Cinema for those nearby is the price. With tickets at major chains running upwards of $10 for matinees, the local cinema is offering Super Tuesdays: all films, all ages, just $5. On Tuesday, every theater should be filled with people who love movies. People from Salem and Dallas should be making their way to Independence for a cheap date night. Take it one step further and be sure to get a rewards card. Then every movie you see and every combo you purchase gets you one step closer to free admission to a movie not exempted by the star policy.

 You can get a great deal on concessions, too. Popcorn and soda are still unreasonably high for any place but a movie theater. However, the pizza and the chicken basket are killer deals costing about the same price as a fast food restaurant. At Independence Cinema, dinner and a movie don’t cost an arm and a leg!

Go Ahead, Judge Independence, OR, by Its Bookstore

Maybe you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but you should definitely judge a town by its bookstore. Portland has Powell’s, Corvallis and Salem have The Book Bin, and Independence, OR, has Second Chance Books. For a town with fewer than 10,000 people, Second Chance Books provides a great place to pick up your next favorite read.

The owners are friendly and knowledgeable about books, and they are willing to help local authors schedule a book signing. The book collection is larger than you might expect from a small-town bookstore. If you love the thrill of the hunt or just want to discover something new in the used book world, the shelves or chock full of an eclectic mix of books organized by subject and author’s last name.

The joy of a used bookstore lies in its ability to reveal books you may have missed or may not have purchased because of the expense. The value of the bookstore lies in its ability to improve your mind through knowledge and improving imagination. Even a simple walk through of Second Chance Books can inspire you to greater creativity as you read and connect titles of books. If you need a place to get your book fix, Independence, OR, offers a bookstore that will fill the bill, which makes the town a great place to live.

Downtown Independence, OR, on Saturday Morning, June 22, 2019

Independence, Oregon has a uniquely comfortable and cozy downtown area that is on the rise. The quaint buildings create a sense of going back in time while the shops and restaurants offer a surprising variety of gourmet cuisine and collectibles.

On Saturdays, Independence’s downtown picks up the pace a little bit and offers tourists and locals alike the best of Saturday Markets. With one in the parking lot of Umpqua Bank and another at the park, you’re sure to find the freshest and tastiest of fruits and vegetables. (When we were there last, the strawberries were fantastic, and the starter tomato plants were ready to take home.) There are also hand-crafted items like soap and hand creams.

On June 22, you’ll have one more reason to go downtown. I’ll be doing an author signing in front of Second Chance Books. Come by my table between 10 am and 2 pm and find something good to read. You might even be able to ask my wife about her penguins! Independence, Oregon’s, downtown is an amazing slice of Americana, but you don’t have to take my word for it… We look forward to seeing you downtown.