Depoe Bay Whale Watching from Land

We saw whales today at Depoe Bay. Well, to be fair, it was likely one whale that kept coming to the surface. The whale had a pattern – one large exhale, three smaller exhales, and then dive. He or she stayed in the same area, and we watched from various points on the walkway along Depoe Bay’s main street, which also happens to be Highway 101.

One of the cool things about Depoe Bay is the whale watching center they have set up. This place could provide shelter during rainy days. However, the sun was out, so what it provided us was a closer view of the whale. They have this cool set up, where a volunteer runs a camera. The moving pictures are put on two TV screens – one of which is huge. Looking at the camera allowed me to orient myself to where the whale was appearing with regularity. We could then walk on the sidewalk and watch the whale.

If you haven’t been to Depoe Bay or you’ve just passed through, you might think that the only parking is along the highway. At least that’s what I thought until I decided to use some logic. Back behind the businesses are lots of parking spaces that you can use. The ones on the highway are usually filled, and it had been an impediment to me deciding to stop there on the spur of the moment. Now, I know better.

The Horn had good food. The hamburger was filling, and the tots with red pepper ranch were great. Jenya liked the Salmon sandwich, and we were full for two meals. The coffee was also good.

Depoe Bay is a nice place to visit, especially when the weather is dry. We’ll have to find out if we can get on one of the whale watching boats. Coming out of the harbor looks like an adventure.


Photos from the Oregon Coast

While we are putting in the miles to find a place to rent/buy, we’re taking photos, too! Our target is someplace on the Oregon Coast that takes cats. Ultimately, we’d like to buy our own place and open a store/studios. So far, we like Yachats to Lincoln City, and Garibaldi to Gearhart. Lincoln City, Yachats, Newport, Seaside, Cannon Beach, and Rockaway Beach are pretty cool. While we were told we couldn’t qualify for a loan (because we’ve been out of the country), we are still hoping to find a place to rent.

Living on the coast would allow us to build our network and make the connections we need to be successful in the future. It would also provide a nice backdrop for our creative endeavors. Join us at Patreon — you get some great content, and you’ll help make our dream a reality. Our studios and store can use a few good investors. Get a penguin and have a companion to travel with.