Blog Returns to Positive Creativity

We have several people who signed up for this blog while we were using it for Lincoln City Archery. The posts that are up will remain up, as will the videos on YouTube (for however long YouTube allows). Our blog, on the other hand, will be reverting back to its earlier form. We will be looking at positive creativity and relying on creative principles to help you feel empowered enough to create something to make the world, your world, or the world of someone you love, better. This doesn’t mean that we will be eliminating archery altogether. It just means there will be more diversity. What does that look like?

Travel Blogs

You don’t have to travel to write a travel blog. Books can take you to places that you never knew existed, that may not have ever existed, except in someone’s imagination. They can also take you to places that exist but that you can’t get to. (My “Adventures on the Amur” books are meant to take you to Blagoveshchensk, Russia; it’s a real place, even if the stories are fictional.)

However, travel blogs are also great when they are about actual travel. In the short term, you may see articles about Lincoln City, Newport, or other areas close by. A staycation, when done correctly, is traveling to places you typically ignore right in your own (figurative, possibly literal) backyard. We are also going to take a trip to see my grandma and uncle and Disneyland. Longer term, the travel blogs may be few and far between. It just depends on how much support we get from our Patreon and this website.

Disney Blogs

As the author of “Disneyland Is Creativity,” and “The Haunted Mansion Is Creativity,” you might suspect that I am a huge Disney fan. You’d be right. Some of my most viewed articles have been on why certain movies were bad, like Maleficent 2. However, I also like to write about the joy and the creative principles that Disney uses in its production of intellectual property. I still have some amazing articles on my Weebly site that explore synergy and other aspects of the Disney company.

Book Blogs

Books help improve focus and concentration. They also improve creativity through the use of imagination and increasing working vocabulary. Plus, I like to read, and I hope you do to. Some of the book posts will be to showcase an Indie Author. Some of it will be to explore themes of a book. Some of it will just be to tell you about a book I love to read.

Penguin Blogs

You gotta love our stuffed penguins. Every stuffed penguin that gets adopted allows us to send a donation to the Royal Albatross Centre for their work with little penguins and other birds. From June 2021 to July 2022, we were able to donate over $130 to the New Zealand non-profit. Of course, we love real penguins, so having blog posts here only makes sense.

Positive Creativity Blogs

Creativity requires special and general knowledge. You need to be an expert at one subject, but then you need to know about another subject in order to make the connections that creativity requires. The guy who invented Velcro was an engineer (expert) and a hiker (generalist). When he became interested in how burrs attach themselves to, well, almost everything, he put his engineering knowledge to work. The curiosity linked the two things he knew to bring a third thing into being.

But here’s the thing most people miss, YOU DO NOT NEED TO MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR CREATIVITY. There are a lot of others things out there that require you to make money – your rent, medical bills, food… The figurative list is endless, even if this one only has three items. The entire capitalist system tells you that if you’re making something and not selling it than you are somehow losing. People want you to turn your positive creativity into your side-gig. Make a little extra cheddar because that’s better than making something just for the joy of it.

BAH! Meh! UGH! You can be creative, you can make something, and you don’t have to turn it into a cottage business. You don’t have to find a place to sell it. You can, and I won’t discourage you from sharing your creativity with the world. In fact, I want you to share your positive creativity with the world. But I also want you to know that sometimes, an artist creates something because he or she has to. Often, the world is not ready for that something.

It’s sad. It’s hard, and when you have bills to pay, it gets more difficult to justify that part of you. As a human being, it is important to recognize that your creativity is more of who you are than your job is… unless you’re making bank on your creativity, then good for you!

(One note: If someone asks you to use your creativity for them, you have every right to demand payment of some form. Too many artists, writers, and others are willing to give their creativity away for free or for exposure. This not only hurts the specific person giving the items away, but it also hurts everyone else who could’ve earned some sort of living from the creative endeavor. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you for your special gifts. This could be a blog post on its own, but I’ll let it go for now.)

Thank You

I want to thank each and everyone of you for being with us on our blog. We appreciate you and look forward to your positive creativity.