7 Search Engine Optimization Tips to Get More from Your Website

What Should You Write About?

Any author will tell you that writing is hard. Sometimes, there are too many ideas, and sometimes, there aren’t any at all. Fortunately, your subjects are constrained by what you do and what you cover. If you’ve chosen keywords, you can use those as a jumping off point. Still, knowing exactly what you want write can be off-putting and difficult, even for experienced writers. Here are some suggestions:

  • “How To” articles, add a video.
  • Your story – why do you do what you do?
  • Inspirational story – what obstacles have you overcome?
  • Stories about items in your shop.
  • Top 10 lists (or Top 5, or Top “your favorite number”).

There are literally thousands of things you can write about. You just need to brainstorm a list of topics and titles and get your fingers typing. Be sure your article is 300 words long and pay attention to your title – it’ll be what gets people to click on the link to your article.

Penguins brainstorming creativity
Penguins brainstorming creativity

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