Archery Baseball Rules

You will need three ducks, preferably of varying sizes, including a tiny duck. You will also need a bow, three arrows, and a target that can be pushed back as the game progresses. An umpire is helpful, but not necessary, as the only person who loses when they cheat at this game is the cheater alone.

The object is to score the most runs by hitting the duck with your arrows.

The game is divided into innings of a number that makes sense for the time allotted and the space available. Baseball games are typically seven or nine innings, which is also the number we suggest.

Each arrow is a pitch. An arrow that misses the duck is a strike. An arrow that hits the target below the duck is a strike, unless it causes the duck to fall off the target, then it is an out. An arrow that hits the duck after rebounding off of something (like a back netting) is a strike, unless it causes the duck to fall off the target, in which case it’s an out. Three strikes equal one out. Three outs end the inning.

An arrow that hits the duck but does not stick is a base hit. An arrow that sticks in the duck after they come to rest is a home run. Four base hits equal one run (point), and every base hit after the fourth is a run, unless the bases are cleared by a home run. A home run equals one run plus the number of single bases hit before it. No home run will be worth more than 4 runs, and the number of base hits becomes zero after each home run (as the home run clears the bases).

The archer starts 10 yards from the target with the largest duck sitting sideways at the front of and on the top of the target. The archer shoots arrows until the duck is off the target or the three arrows are used. If the duck was hit – scoring a base hit or a home run – the second, smaller duck replaces it. If the duck was not hit, the archer puts the duck back into position, grabs the arrows, and returns to 10 yards away. If the second duck is hit, the smallest duck replaces it. If the smallest duck is hit, it is replaced facing forward. If it is hit again, it is replaced facing backwards. The archer continues shooting at the backwards duck until three outs are recorded.

Once three outs are up, if the archer has scored any points, the target moves back a yard and the process is repeated. When there is no more space available, the archer shoots for one more inning, and the game is over.

These rules are a work in progress. The video below contains the first version of Archery Baseball. If you have a suggestion on how to improve the game, leave a comment.

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