Penguin of the Month: Patch at Delicate Arch

Patch had a great time in Moab! There weren’t many fish, but he enjoyed the hiking and colors.

Patch at Delicate Arch
Patch at Delicate Arch

Our Traveling Penguins: Penny and Patch

My wife and I love to travel. We don’t get to do it as often as we like, but when we do, we make sure to take along our two traveling penguin companions – Penny and Patch. They’ve help us meet other people who are bringing their own stuffed friends along, and we’ve found adventures and fun in the most unexpected places, inspired by our penguins.

Penny Penguin in Hawaii
Penny Penguin in Hawaii

Penny has been traveling with us the longest. The problem is that she likes to fly. It’s okay if it’s in a plane, but it’s much better if it’s under her own power. Fortunately, she’s tough, and she hasn’t flown too far away from any of the photo sights. We have to keep an eye on her though because she won’t miss an opportunity to leave the ground.

Patch Penguin The fish was this big!
Patch Penguin The fish was this big!

Patch is our hungry penguin. He loves to eat almost anything, but he always has his eyes set on fish “this big.” Patch is also telling the other penguins in our rookery stories about what he’s seen, what he’s done and what kind of fish he wants most.

You can see the adventures of Penny and Patch on our Instagram. Or you can check out, Checkers Penguin who has his own Instagram; he’s into food, fingernails and lives in New Zealand.

If you want a traveling companion, you can get one of our handmade stuffed penguins. They’ll come with a passport, so their ready to go anywhere. If you want more penguins in general, join our Patreon or you can give the gift of a penguin with our Pay-It-Forward Penguin program.

Introducing Patch Penguin!

Stuffed penguin Patch is looking to bring happiness and joy to a lucky home. This penguin’s cute face and soft body are perfect for cuddling. Patch loves to find adventures and is the best listener, especially when you’re telling about the adventures you’ve had or want to have. If you need someone to support your creative endeavors, Patch is the penguin for the job.

Our newest penguin is the second in the Black and White series. Patch is made with faux snow leopard fur, which features super soft white fur with black undertones. Patch’s feet and beak are made from fabric for toy plushies. His eyes are hand embroidered, and he’s stuffed with Holofiber. Patch stands at about 6.5 inches. If you’d like to dress Patch in a handmade outfit of your choosing, we can do that.

Our stuffed penguins are handmade with joy and love. They make us laugh when we see them, and each has its own personality. If you’d like to order Patch, click on the link below. Or choose another penguin, we have our original colors and several already have costumes.

Order Patch.

Order original white penguins without clothes.

Order original white penguins with clothes.

Our penguins love to cosplay!