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Photos from the Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor

The Pacific Aviation Museum's Disney Connection

Check out this article on Pearl Harbor. Check out these links on Oahu.

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Photos from the USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor

USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor

The USS Missouri fought in World War II and was the sight where the Allies accepted the Japanese surrender. It was recommissioned and has a role in Korea and the Gulf War. Now it sits watching over its fallen comrade, the USS Arizona, in Pearl Harbor. The cost of the visit to the USS Missouri is included with the Go Oahu Card. Read more about Pearl Harbor and see photos from the USS Arizona Memorial. Also check out the photos from the USS Bowfin Submarine and its related museum. For more on Oahu, check out this list of links.

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Photos from the USS Bowfin Museum at Pearl Harbor

The use of the submarine during World War II was essential to the outcome. The museum looks at the history of the submarine corps. It’s one of the attractions included on the Go Oahu Card. Read more about Pearl Harbor. Read more about the USS Bowfin. Read more about the Visitors’ Center and the USS Arizona. Check out these links to other things on Oahu.

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The USS Bowfin Submarine at Pearl Harbor

USS Bowfin at Pearl Harbor

The USS Bowfin Submarine and its museum feature an entrance fee for visiting them. If you have the Go Oahu card, the fee is included as long as it has been activated for the day. The people at the USS Bowfin will take your photo and put it in an old newspaper. If you purchase this souvenir, you’ll also get a free cultured pearl from the nearby pearl jewelry purveyor. The salesperson will ask you choose an oyster, open it in front of you and tell you what kind of pearl you found. We got a black pearl. Click for more on Pearl Harbor. Click for photos of the USS Arizona Memorial, and click for links to more content about Oahu.

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The USS Arizona Memorial and Visitor’s Center at Pearl Harbor

The USS Missouri watches over the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor

The USS Arizona was sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Navy was unable to raise it and unable to recover many of the sailors that were on board when the ship went down. The consecrated it and left it as a place of remembrance where those who served aboard the ship could be commemorated. It is still leaking fuel, which can be smelled at the water’s surface. The visitors’ center, movie and tour of the Arizona are free. Read more about Pearl Harbor. For more on Oahu, click here.

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Waikiki Transportation: It’s All a Matter of Time

Generally speaking, we didn’t think much about taxis or Ubers during our trip to Oahu. The only time it might’ve made sense was for going to Pearl Harbor. We were told a round trip by taxi would be about $80 and take between 25 and 45 minutes. That’s a huge time savings over the Waikiki Trolley with a listed trip time of 70 minutes, and the estimated 90 minutes the city bus would take. The cost of the Trolley for two people would’ve been $50 and the bus was only $11 and included and all-day pass on the city bus.

We opted for the city bus #42, and it only took 70 minutes to get there. We almost missed the stop, but there were others on the bus who helped us out before the bus left. The way back we took the #20; it took 90 minutes and went through the airport. For us, it was worth saving the $39 that the Trolley would’ve cost. Sure, it was 20 minutes longer, but that amount of money was just over what a meal at a restaurant in Oahu cost.

For single trips from point to point, you can hop on the Waikiki Trolley’s Pink Line for $2 exact change. The same trip for the city bus is $2.75, but for an all-day ticket, it’s $5.50. If you know you’re going to take two trips, getting the all-day pass allows you greater flexibility if plans change. The city bus may also have a denser schedule of stops both at the place you want to go and during the duration of your trip.

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Is the 3-Day Go Oahu Card Worth It?

Polynesian Cultural Center Luau

Yes, and it depends. As with any discount card, you have to take into account what type of vacation you want to have and how much time you have. If you choose to just sit at the beach and relax in the sun. Don’t get the Go Oahu Card. It’s not for that type of vacation. Relaxing in the sun on the beach is free, still. That’s about the best discount you can get.

However, if you know that you want to experience some of the culture of Hawaii, a Go Oahu Card can help you do that. For example, we knew that we wanted to do a luau. They run north of $100 per person, and the best-rated Luau is at the Polynesian Cultural Center, which is about $120. We also knew that we wanted to visit Pearl Harbor. Its place in history makes it an important spot to visit for anyone who wants to think about warfare and understand human nature better. The activities there run about $40, but the Arizona Memorial and its related movie is free. The two combined activities add up to $160, which meant we would need to find an activity or two that would add up to about $40.

Not knowing that Pearl Harbor was a full day tour, I was still concerned that we wouldn’t be able to do enough activities to make the Go Oahu Card worthwhile. A lot of the activities take place in the morning because it gets too hot in the afternoon to do anything. We decided to do the 8 am Diamond Head Hike ($18) and the afternoon tour with Makani Catamaran (about $100). We didn’t have a car, so I wasn’t sure that we could make the catamaran, but we signed up for it anyway. There was plenty of time, so we got our money’s worth.

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Go Oahu Card: Pearl Harbor

Arizona Memorial and the Mighty Missouri at Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is an all-day tour. The greatest tragedy in American naval history, Pearl Harbor exhibits commemorate the soldiers that fell during the Japanese sneak attack on docked battleships. Starting with the Arizona Memorial, the film before you go out on the boat shows what led to the Japanese attack and why it was so successful. The Arizona Memorial dock is currently under repair, so visitors get a tour by the memorial with a guide who explains the story and answers questions. Get your tickets online, or you may not be able to go aboard the boat for this FREE tour.

The Bowfin Submarine and its museum are included on the Go Oahu Card as are the below mentioned attractions. The audio guide explains the life of a submariner. I listened to the family version of the guide and found it much more entertaining than the adult version, but you can choose just by punching in the right number.

The Bowfin Submarine
The Bowfin Submarine

A shuttle takes guests from the arrival center over a bridge to Ford Island. There, you’ll get to stand on the decks of the Missouri that stands watch over the Arizona. The Mighty Mo was where the Japanese formally surrendered to the Allied Forces. It also saw service during the Korean War and Desert Storm.

Under the guns of the Mighty Mo
Under the guns of the Mighty Mo

If you love planes, the Pacific Aviation Museum is for you! A lot of restored aircraft occupy the two hangars. For me, the most interesting was a B-17 Bomber found in the swamps of New Guinea. Dubbed the “Swamp Ghost,” its insignia was drawn by Disney artists and features Donald Duck in the role of the Swamp Ghost.

The Swamp Ghost
The Swamp Ghost

If you get hungry while at Pearl Harbor, your best choices for food are at Ford Island. In the shadow of the Mighty Mo is a food truck,and the Pacific Aviation Museum features a counter service restaurant. Both offer better food to eat than the $7 hot dog and the snack shop at the visitors’center.