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Why I Still Believe in Santa

Santa Claus in the Christmas Fantasy Parade at Disneyland

When I was a child living in the projects in California, mom made sure that we had on vacation every year. She wanted to show her children that there was more to life than abject poverty, pee-yellow housing complexes, and government cheese. Almost all of those vacations consisted of a trip to Disneyland. Sometimes, we would leave at three in the morning, so we could be there when the park opened. We would stay one day. When the park closed, she would drive home stopping at a rest area to get some sleep when she got too tired to drive. She would then go to work the day we got back.

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New Zealand: Christmas Photos and Video

The New Zealand Christmas Tree

New Zealand celebrates Christmas on the same day as the U.S. does, but I also heard that Boxing Day was a bit of a bigger deal. Either way, it’s the summer time when Santa comes around, and Jolly Old St. Nicholas is still wearing a heavy red coat. The decorations were up in November when we arrived though not all of the trees had been completely decorated. Here are some photos from the Christmas side of New Zealand.

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