Call to Action: Create

Create Something Beautiful

We are confronted with ugly every day, and I don’t want to give it more space here. Bringing beauty into the world is hard. It’s much easier to give in to our baser natures and create from that. Turn away from your normal reaction and do something different. Do something beautiful; create something beautiful.

Create Something Peaceful

Even if your insides are in turmoil and your brain is spinning, take a deep breath and exhale deeply. Grab hold of the emotions and find the peace within. Bring that peace to your creation process. You may consider doing something to release your frustration, and that’s okay. Then dig deeper and create something that will bring others peace.

Create Something Fun

Haven’t we’ve been entertained to death? Consider the number of shows that thrive on the horrors of mankind. We need to counteract that. It’s time to create something fun. Bring to life something that will bring a smile to people’s faces. Don’t go for easy. Creation shouldn’t be easy. Instead, go for the funny that is difficult and transcendent. Create something that your neighbors’ children, your significant other’s grandparents, and you find funny. Maybe it’s a cat video. Whatever it is, choose something that’s funny without giving in to the easy jokes.

Create Something with Love

Show your love through your creative work. Baked goods are nice, too.

Create Something Inspirational

Beautiful landscapes and inspirational quotes are nice, but it’s time for you to become the inspiration. Do something truly inspirational. Create something that inspires you. Put your heart and soul into something that will lift humanity to greater heights. It’s time to shine your light. Bring it on. #penguinate